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2019 Favorites

Immersive fantasy series with great characters

Sharp and propulsive thriller, with an edge that feels fresh

Immersive, imaginative, dark fantasy - absolutely stellar

Sinister, chilling nordic noir with great pacing

Suspenseful, humorous, tender and passionate - a great start to a new series

Stunning writing, beautifully haunting & immersive - 6 stars

A superb thriller; the most powerful Harry Hole novel yet

Standout, sexy historical romance with all the feels

Well crafted, emotionally charged and relentlessly tense thriller

Adrenaline-fueled, must-read space adventure

Superb, documentary-style story about iconic 1970s rock band

Unflinching, tense, superb serial killer thriller

Compelling, quirky characters, non-stop action, and plot twists aplenty

Adrenaline-charged, cleverly wrought procedural

A poignant coming-of-age story & murder mystery all in one - 6 stars

Tense, twisty tale of two women with deadly secrets

Irresistibly tense & twisty - perfect, amazing follow up - 6 stars

With edge, emotion and a hip-hop beat, this is an unforgettable coming-of-age

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