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2020 Favorites

Explosive, emotional and utterly terrifying serial killer thriller

Stunning prose, a dizzying adventure through time

A wonderful installment in a series that brings me so much joy

Ware's fantastic version of AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

Fantastically explosive fantasy sequel

A sweeping romance years in the making

Superb gothic haunted-house thriller set in 1950s Mexico

Creepy, unnerving, atmospheric gothic, haunted-house thriller

Sensuous, suspenseful and deliciously scandalous

Dark, tense, unsettling and punctuated by shocking twists

A chilling whodunit you won’t be able to put down

An absorbing murder mystery rife full of dark secrets & surprising twists

Deeply emotional, extraordinary love story and sequel

A celebration of fifty unbelievable books

Page-turner teeming with action, emotion and kick-ass heroines

Twisty, absorbing and fascinating psychological thriller

Dark, unflinching serial killer thriller with misdirections aplenty

Festering secrets reap deadly consequences in this atmospheric thriller

Riveting, informative thriller about a pandemic; scary timely

Explosive, exciting & emotional; loved it

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