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#5DaysBefore (Day 2): 5 Things To Know About Before + Giveaway

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Today is day 2 of our #5DaysBefore celebration—5 days of exclusive, never-before-seen content and giveaways as we count down to the release of Before by Anna Todd!

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I asked Anna to give us 5 surprising things we should know about Before! Check them out below!

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5 Things to Know about Before
  1. Hardin is even more sarcastic.
  2. A lot of the things you wanted to slap him for in After may not have been as they seemed. 😉
  3. It’s not only Hardin’s POV from After. Only about 30% of Before is from his POV from the first book.
  4. Some reader favorite characters get a chance to tell a little of their story!
  5. Tom Hanks will appear at your doorstep with cookies and a bag full of Kendra Scott jewelry if you read it. Seriously, he will.

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About Before

Dec-08Book Five of the After series—Anna Todd’s Wattpad fanfiction that racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated romance readers across the globe! Before explores Hardin Scott’s life before Tessa, reveals what happens after After, and gives new insights on their turbulent #Hessa romance.

Cosmopolitan called Anna Todd “the biggest literary phenom of her generation.” That’s Normal declared Hardin and Tessa “The Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet of our time.” Revel in the awesome, messy power of true love.

BEFORE Hardin met Tessa he was a raging storm. DURING those first moments they met, he realized he needed to keep her for himself—his life depended on it. AFTER they got together, the world would never be the same.

Hardin and Tessa’s dramatic love affair became a vortex pulling in everyone around them. For the first time these others are given voice as they appear before, during, and after the events in original After novels. Alongside them, Hardin’s account of his first encounters with Tessa—which will change what you thought you knew about the brooding boy and the angel who loved him.

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