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Behind The Scenes Of The Afterburn Aftershock Movie

On November 3rd, Passionflix releases it’s second original movie, Afterburn Aftershock, adapted from Sylvia Day’s two bestselling novellas. I read these two books in 2013 (my review quote is on the original paperback binding!) and loved them, and was so honored to be invited on set some months ago in L.A. It was such a fun experience and I was so impressed with the actors, the crew, and the entire production. I mean, WOW! I learned so much, laughed continuously and took about a bazillion photos. Here are some, with the inside scoop on what happened on the set of Afterburn Aftershock.

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Almost right away, I met Caitlin Leahy and Tyler Johnson and they were incredibly nice. It was one thing to see the casting photos, but on set, they really embodied Gia and Jax!

Up next, I spent some time with Sylvia, interviewing her about her book, and what it felt like to see it adapted onto film. I love spending time with her, she’s such a talented writer and business woman.

Then I finally got to watch the actual filming! Can you guys guess this scene? Lei (Shi Ne Neilson) and Gia clock in some celebratory time at Rossi’s restaurant.

This was on a quick break while I snapped a pic of them together. I love Caitlin’s mischievous look here!

I also caught Caitlin and Tyler chatting during another break. Everyone was really so friendly and funny, the camaraderie on set was infectious.

On set they use a smoke machine while filming scenes. I couldn’t figure out why, so I asked. The smoke gives the background a beautiful, soft look on screen. Isn’t that cool?!

This is one of my favorite pics. We’re on set of Rossi’s II, when Gia visits her brother Nico for advice, but of course, we know who shows unexpectedly, stirring things up. By the way, we spent the better part of a day filming just this one scene. They need to capture every possible angle… I didn’t realize it took so long. I also found it surprising how softly the actors spoke while filming, but with all the sound equipment, it’s not necessary to talk loudly—in fact, they capture every sound, which is why the set needs to be silent.

If you look closely, the actors kept their lines, some water and their cell phones under the table. So interesting too see it all happen.

Above, Tosca Musk is talking through the scene with Caitlin and Tyler, and below, she’s being her badass director self as she watches from her director chair.

Here, I’m getting ready for my big break! I walk across the restaurant in a scene, you guys! lol Very exciting stuff. I’m sure my walk was epic!

Chatting with Caitlin after an interview, and after we decided to capture a pic for our social media accounts. She was so great to talk to.

My second day on set was just as fun. I had a blast with these guys! Here the Rossi brothers (Greg Berney, Adrian Gonzalez and James Bristow) are being interviewed.

I had to capture all the Rossi’s together, of course. What a good-looking family!

We spent a lot of time laughing while on set, I also talked to the actors a lot about the book world and how passionate us readers can be. We love our books and we fiercely support the authors we love. Just after this pic, the guys were reading through the books, finding some of their scenes on the page. Oh, and all the actors signed these two paperback copies. One, of course, sits proudly on my shelf, but the other, is up for grabs! (More below on that)

One of the coolest parts of this experience was seeing my friend Adrian Gonzalez kill it on set as Vincent Rossi. If you can believe it, Adrian and I grew up together in the same border town, going to the same schools. Who would have thought these two small-town Mexican Americans would be on a movie set in Los Angeles?! I mean, how amazing is that?! I felt so proud!

While Tyler stayed serious and in character for photos, he is one of the nicest, most easygoing guys I’ve ever met. He’s such a fantastic Jax! You’ll see!

And lastly, in this pic Jen (from Social Butterfly PR) and I are working hard. Ok, wellllll, we are working, but we were laughing so much as we tried to come up with some scandalous interview questions for the cast.

Thank you so much to Sylvia Day and Passionflix, for letting me join them on set. I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to watch the finished movie! Make sure to sign up for Passionflix below!

To enter to win a paperback signed by the entire cast, Tosca and Sylvia, enter below. Open internationally, must be 18 or order to win. Giveaway ends 10/30 and winner notified by email.

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This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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    I love this movie so much I always watch it over and over again and by the way I think they should dat in real life , they could be the perfect couple. I Wish It Would be a part 2 to this movie because I love it the director did a great job filmmaking this movie


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