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Talented graphic artist and animator Annie Callaway has been commissioned by a Hollywood studio to create the next superhero blockbuster movie, but a bout of creative block has Annie searching the Southern California beach scene for inspiration. A local Irish bar in an old train depot, run by the ruggedly attractive and somewhat mysterious Griffin Hale, piques her interest, and she finds herself weaving fantasies about not only Griffin but also the quirky characters who work there.

The last thing Griffin Hale needs at his bar is a nosy artist looking for personal stories to turn into movie plots. He has carefully cultivated a scene of complete normalcy for people who need it more than Annie could possibly imagine, and it’s his job to protect them. But the beautiful redhead with the compelling green eyes is difficult to turn away. Annie’s fantasy world where good always conquers evil is not the life that Griffin has lived, and he can’t help but think she’ll never be satisfied with anyone less than a superhero.

After a string of bad relationships, Annie willingly admits that most real men don’t live up to her muscle-bound, cape-wearing protectors of the world, but when her stubborn curiosity propels her into a danger she never expected, she begins to realize that some heroes work in the dark…and a man who fights for you is a man worth fighting for.

While Griffin is determined to keep Annie alive, he’s not at all convinced he can give her the happily-ever-after she’s looking for. But then some stories take an unexpected turn…



Book 13

Can be read as a standalone

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Romantic Suspense

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Excerpt: Can't Let Go
By Barbara Freethy

Excerpt: Can’t Let Go

Coming on the 26th, is the next standalone installment in the Callaway series—a gripping blend of heart-warming romance and spine-tingling suspense. I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of CAN’T LET GO by bestselling author Barbara Freethy.


“Is Vinnie calling your friend and not the police?” Annie asked

Griffin met her gaze and gave a small nod. “He’ll talk to Paul first and then we’ll go from there. I did warn you to stay away from Megan. You should have listened to me.”

“You could have been more forthcoming, Griffin.”

“I really couldn’t. I wouldn’t have told you now if your life hadn’t been put in danger by the mere fact that you were standing with Megan. I’m sorry about that.”

“You don’t sound sorry,” she couldn’t help saying, seeing the angry light in his eyes.

“I told you not to get involved with Megan. I asked you not to come back to the bar, but you did.”

“Because Justin wanted my help, and you didn’t turn it down.”

“I should have. You were nosing around the bar from the second you stepped into it. I knew you were going to be trouble. Every time I turned around, there you were. And now look where we are.”

Anger ripped through her. “You’re acting like this is my fault. And it’s not.”

“Dammit, Annie. Why do you have to be so…” He waved his hand in the air in frustration.

“What?” she demanded. “What is wrong with me now?”

“This.” He framed her face with his hands and pressed his mouth on hers.

She was so stunned by the kiss, she parted her lips in surprise, and that only made the kiss hotter. Griffin’s mouth was possessive, demanding, filled with anger, desire, and conflict. And she reacted with the same mix of turbulent emotions. She felt overwhelmed, consumed, and hungry for more. Every taste of his lips was a tease, and she wanted the hands that were running through her hair on her body—all over her body.

It was crazy, ridiculous. How could she want someone who didn’t even seem to like her very much?

But he was kissing her like he needed her, like he couldn’t get enough.

She needed to push him away. But he tasted so good, and the heat between them was filled with an electric connection that felt impossible to break.

But she had to break it. She had to come back down to earth.

Finally, she pulled away, breathing hard as blood still rushed through her veins. She stared at Griffin, wondering why he didn’t look as unsettled as she felt. “Why—why did you do that?”

“There’s always a question with you.”

“And I want an answer. Why did you kiss me? Was it to stop me from asking questions?”

“I kissed you because I’ve been thinking about it since I met you.”

Her jaw dropped in shock. “No, you haven’t. You’ve been pissed off at me since I showed up in the bar.”

“I’ve been pissed off at myself,” he corrected. “Because as much as I wanted you to go away, I also wanted you to come back.”

She had no idea what to say to that.

“My life is complicated,” he continued.

“Everyone’s life is complicated.”

“That might be true, but I like things simple, and you are not simple, Annie Callaway.”

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