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Born to rule the skies as a Dragon King with power and magic, Cináed hides his true identity in the mountains of Scotland with the rest of his brethren. But there is no respite for them as they protect the planet and the human occupants from threats. However, a new, more dangerous enemy has targeted the Kings. One that will stop at nothing until dragons are gone forever. But Cináed discovers a woman from a powerful, ancient Druid bloodline who might have a connection to this new foe.

Solitude is sanctuary for Gemma. Her young life was upended one stormy night when her family disappears, leaving her utterly alone. She learned to depend solely on herself from then on. But no matter where she goes she feels…lost. As if she missed the path she was supposed to take. Everything changes when she backs into the most dangerously seductive man she’s ever laid eyes. Gemma surrenders to the all-consuming attraction and the wild, impossible love that could destroy them both – and finds her path amid magic and dragons.

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Exclusive Excerpt: Dragon Claimed
By Donna Grant

Excerpt: Dragon Claimed

A new novella in the Dark King series from author Donna Grant is coming this week and I’m giving you a taste of what to expect in this sizzling, high-stakes paranormal romance!

There had been a time Gemma knew without a doubt that someone had been on the isle with her the night her family disappeared. Then, later, she began to question herself. So many told her that she had been a child and couldn’t possibly have grasped the entire situation as an adult would. Because, otherwise, she would be able to tell them what happened to her parents and brother.

That’s when she began to doubt what she remembered. That’s when she wondered if the figure had been a figment of her imagination.

Now, after being on the isle and standing at the dock, the memories had risen up like a tidal wave, swarming Gemma with the truth. She hadn’t been alone. She knew it for a certainty. It also helped tremendously that Cináed hadn’t hesitated in believing her.

“Did the entity say anything to you?” Cináed asked. “Did they make any kind of noise?”

She shook her head. “If they did, I didn’t hear it over the sound of the storm.”

“Did you see them do anything?”

“No. I wouldn’t have seen their silhouette if it hadn’t been for the lightning.”

“But they saw you.”

She swallowed, unable to hold back a shiver as she recalled how it felt to have the attention of such a…thing…on her. “Without a doubt. If I had surfaced from the water while it stood on the rocks, I wouldn’t be here talking to you.”

“Nay, I doona think you would.”

Gemma watched as Cináed’s gray eyes slid to the water, his forehead furrowed deep in thought for several minutes.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, unable to hold back her curiosity.

“I’m still mulling that over.”

“You know something you aren’t telling me.”

Cináed sighed and turned his head to her. There was a deep resolve in his gaze that warned her that he was keeping many things from her. Yet, for some reason she didn’t get the feeling that he was trying to take advantage or harm her.

Instead…she thought he might be protecting her.

“Tell me,” she urged.

He gave a single shake of his head. “I doona think it’s time.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you are no’ ready.”

She looked at him, searching his face. “I came back here. It was the last place I want to be. I’m ready.”

Without thinking, she reached for his hand. She didn’t know why she had the inescapable urge to not only stand next to Cináed, but to have a hold of him, as well. She knew it didn’t make sense, and while she told herself to step back and release him—she couldn’t.

Cináed glanced down at their hands before his eyes returned to her face. His free hand rose and he slid his fingers along her neck and into her hair, gently holding her.

Her heart hammered in her chest. Not from fear, but from desire. There was no denying what it was. It rose swiftly, consuming her. And she welcomed it.

Embraced it.

As she sank into his eyes, she realized why she gravitated toward him. She felt safe with Cináed. The passion she felt, however, was another matter entirely. It was what recklessly propelled her to kiss him earlier.

And, oh, what a kiss.

Just a soft press of their lips together, but it had been glorious. She wanted more. It was all she could think about now as he held her against him. Their bodies were touching. She didn’t remember moving but that didn’t matter when she was drowning in the beautiful gray pools of his eyes.

Her lids slid shut when his head lowered toward her. A heartbeat later, his lips were on hers. She released a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. And before she could grasp that he had kissed her, his mouth was moving over hers. With each touch of their lips, she was falling further and further under the desire that ruled her.

Then he let out a soft sigh and glided his tongue along her lips. She parted her mouth so their tongues could tangle and dance together.

Her heart leapt, her blood sizzled. And her body pulsed with a need she had never felt before.

The soft kiss quickly turned heated as their arms wrapped around each other. His hands traveled down her back before he palmed her butt. Then he pressed her against him and she felt the evidence of his arousal.

Excitement tore through her. The moment she moaned in response, Cináed deepened the kiss, taking her breath away. It all felt so good that she could have stood there for eternity and kissed him. Time was forgotten as she tumbled deeper into the passion that had them firmly in its grip.

It was the raindrop that pulled her to the present.

She ended the kiss and looked up. Dark clouds were moving toward them.

“Gemma, look at me,” Cináed said.

She had to force her eyes away from the sky.

He held her gaze a moment. “It’s going to be all right. I’m right here with you. It’s just a little rain.”

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