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Desperation had a flavor.

It was all Emma could taste as her life in Washington DC started to crumble before her.

In a city filled with prestige and American dreams also lay political fallacy and corruption—corruption she would soon find herself indulging in.

Emma would have done anything to save herself from the downfall, gone to any length, sacrificed her soul if needed.

What she didn’t realize was that someone else was more desperate to save their own life and that the worst was yet to come.

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Guest Post + Excerpt: Am I The Only One
By E.K. Blair

Guest Post + Excerpt: Am I The Only One

It’s been several years since I have published a thriller, so it goes without saying that I am ecstatic to finally release AM I THE ONLY ONE. After the success of the Black Lotus series, readers have been chomping at the bit to get another intense page-turner, and my latest novel is just that!

I started writing AM I THE ONLY ONE five years ago. This is a tale of how two women scheme together to help further their own agendas in the cutthroat political world of Washington DC. But soon, their plan takes a menacing turn, and chaos ensues. AM I THE ONLY ONE is shocking and provocative with a pulse-pounding ending, and you can get a sneak peek below.

“Addicting! A sensual game of cat and mouse that will leave you doubting every character.”
–Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author

“If you love intrigue, passion, and suspense, you’ll love this book! Nothing is what it seems.”
–Amy Harmon, New York Times bestselling author

“A scintillating thriller to sink your teeth into.”
–Pepper Winters, New York Times bestselling author

Washington DC, a city filled with prestige and corruption, American dreams and political fallacy. Money was the blanket hidden agendas lay beneath. It seemed if you wrapped yourself in designer labels and surrounded yourself with the proper society, people were willing to turn a blind eye to live in their false reality of perfection. Who wanted to disrupt a seemingly charmed life and risk social disgrace?

No one wanted a scandal; that’s why people lied. God forbid we weren’t all perfect. Emma wasn’t attempting perfection though. Instead, she was a mule for someone else’s modus operandi.

But Emma knew this. She was a smart girl, always excelling in her studies while in high school, earning a substantial academic scholarship to the distinguished Georgetown University. It was almost three years ago when Emma packed her bags, said a tearful goodbye to her family, and left home in Tennessee to chase her dreams in the nation’s capital.

Rain fell in a soothing patter on top of Emma’s umbrella as her high heels tapped against the wet pavement of the empty sidewalk of the city. It was late, and she picked up the pace against the chill of the night. Snow patches still lined the curb, and when she rounded the corner and spotted the upscale hotel she’d been instructed to go to, her steps slowed.

The lights from inside cast a soft glow through the fog-covered windows. She couldn’t see through the glass, but Emma knew he was in there. From everything she’d been told, he would be eager for someone just like her. He, who’d been graced with power and admiration, elected by the people to uphold the law and fight for justice, garnered a certain . . . je ne sais quoi. Maybe it was confidence, maybe arrogance, maybe entitlement. Or maybe it was a mixture of everything, creating an intoxicating elixir to get punch-drunk on life’s delightful sins.

Opening the door, Emma stepped out of the rain and into the warmth of wealth.

“Evening, Miss.”

She looked up as a man in a suit stepped behind her to assist in the removal of her coat.

“Thank you,” she murmured as she slipped out of the wet garment and handed over her umbrella.

When he strode off to check her items, she turned to scan the room. Since it was nearly empty at the late hour, it took only a moment to spot him across the grand space. He was the only one sitting at the bar, suit coat draped over the back of his chair, tie loosened, sleeves rolled up. Making her way through the room, she watched as he slipped off his glasses and rubbed his forehead.

“May I?” she questioned softly, looking to take the seat next to him.

“Um, of course . . . yes.”

She smiled at his flustered demeanor. Stress and a lack of sleep carved the lines around his eyes, which beamed all-American blue. His briefcase was open opposite him to show stacks of files and papers.

“Working off the clock?”

He looked over to her, smelling of spiced cologne and scotch. “In my line of work, there are no clocks.”

“What can I get for you?” the bartender asked, pulling Emma’s attention as he set a cocktail napkin in front of her.

“Grey Goose martini, up, stirred, with a twist.”

When she looked back to the man whom she already knew so much about, he was wearing a slight smirk.

“So, no clocks,” she started, picking up the exchange. “How do you know when to stop?”

The clink of the martini glass being set down sounded at the same moment his eyes landed on her cleavage.

“I’m not a man who likes to stop.”

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