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It was supposed to be a summer we’d never forget. Instead, everything was stolen from me.
The best friend who was more like a sister.
The innocent way I looked at life.
Leaving me with only unanswered questions.

Returning to the island is the second chance I didn’t know I needed.
And Hunter is the surprise that knocks me sideways.

There’s a hurt in him that calls to my own.
A strength I find in sharing our scars.
Igniting a spark that turns to flame.

But someone isn’t happy about the world I’m building for myself.
And nothing will stop them from tearing it all apart…

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Excerpt: Beneath the Wreckage
By Catherine Cowles

Excerpt: Beneath The Wreckage

I’m so excited to share a sneak peek at the final book in the Wrecked series by Catherine Cowles. BENEATH THE WRECKAGE is out next week and features witty banter, a hilarious meet-cute and a compelling mystery woven throughout. It’s my next listen and can’t wait to dig in! Read below and don’t forget to pre-order!

She was beautiful in a way that stole my breath and froze my brain. Especially when she seemed flustered or riled. And that only made me want to push her buttons.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I didn’t have many rules for my life, but I did have one hard-and-fast one: No mixing business with pleasure. I cared too much about the company I’d built to screw it up by sleeping with a client. It didn’t matter how gorgeous they were.

I held open the door for Piper and watched as she walked through in her cutoff denim shorts and sneakers splattered with various shades of paint. The multiple colors had me curious. I hadn’t seen any signs of new paint around the resort, which meant she’d worked on some sort of fixer-upper project before. Or maybe she was an artist.

I knew nothing about the woman I would be working for, other than the fact that she’d decided to drop a chunk of change on a falling-down resort, and she’d come from Seattle. I’d been expecting city. Someone who turned up their nose at hard work and bugs. But if the layer of dust that clung to Piper was any indication, she had no issues rolling up her sleeves and diving in.

Although, at only a couple of inches over five feet, tackling anything on this property would take her twice as long. I grinned as she adjusted the mass of chestnut hair tied into some sort of bun on the top of her head. This project would be interesting, to say the least.

I fell into step beside Piper. “Where are we starting?”

In a mere handful of seconds, the scattered and flustered woman I’d met a few minutes ago was gone. In her place was someone focused and determined. “Let me walk you through my plan, and then you can tell me where you think it makes the most sense to begin.”

“Sounds good to me.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened my notes app.

Piper pointed towards the north side of the property. “The ten cabins over there are in decent shape. I’ll be spending the next week cleaning them from top to bottom so I can open them for use. I’ve got three summer-long renters who will be filling some of them. I’m hoping my realtor might find me a few more. That gives me at least a bit of income coming in.”

She turned to the south. “Those ten over there are in worse shape. Some of them look like a tornado went through. They need a complete overhaul. I’m thinking you and your team can get those cabins in shape, and then when they’re done, move on to the ones on the north side.”

I nodded. Her plan was more than sound. “What about the lodge?”

“It’s in pretty good condition. I think most of the work there is cosmetic. I can handle that. And some heavier stuff if I need to. I might be able to help your crew if time allows, and you’re open to it.”

I arched a brow in question. Piper shrugged. “My uncles have a home-restoration business in Seattle. I basically grew up on construction sites.”

Each little piece she divulged pulled at me a little more. “If you can prove you know what you’re doing, I’m always happy to have an extra set of hands.”

Her eyes narrowed in my direction. “I’ve laid tile, hung my share of drywall, refinished floors, and painted so many walls I’ve lost count. I can have my uncle send you photos if you need the proof.”

“No photos necessary.” The fact was, I couldn’t wait to see this slip of a woman in action.

“Good. You want to see the damage?”

I started towards the cabins on the south end of the property in answer. “Kids have been coming up here the last few years. Partying, mostly. I’d be shocked if they hadn’t caused more than a little damage. Have you had any trouble since you moved in?” As my gaze traveled over the property, I thought about Piper up here all alone with poor cell service and spotty power. She needed satellite internet and generators. An alarm system. But at least she had that beast of a dog. I glanced at Bruno, who’d gone to sniff a bush…or maybe not.

“I’ve only been here a week, but it’s been perfectly quiet.” A small smile curved her mouth. “It’s been nice. I’m used to city noise. This has been…restful.”

“Except when you’re blaring Cyndi Lauper.”

“Except then.” She turned to face me. “I’m guessing word’s spread that someone bought the place. Shouldn’t that be enough to scare people off?”

“Until you get more folks coming and going, it might not. The partying should stop, but some kids could come up here on a dare. It’s supposedly haunted.” I didn’t want to think about the other reasons someone might come to a mostly abandoned resort. Darker ones.

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