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I was born a royal. She made me a king.

I can’t find my way out of the darkness. Without her, it consumes me. There’s nothing I won’t risk to reach her—my crown, my family, my life.

Because some love is worth dying for.

They can come for me. They can come for my throne. But I’ll take back what’s mine if I have to burn this city to the ground…


Royal World

Book 3

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Romantic Suspense

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Excerpt: Consume Me
By Geneva Lee

Excerpt: Consume Me

Experience a breathless race against time in CONSUME ME — the third novel in the Royal World series from New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee. While it’s not out until June 24th, I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek with you right now!

I’d expected him to be there. To walk in and carry me off like we were in a fairytale. That’s how love stories ended. But even as disappointment cracked through me, I knew that our story was ending. It never would. I would find him. He would find me. We always found each other.

Someone tried to place an oxygen mask over my face but I pushed it away. I could handle this with or without him. His strength was with me even if he wasn’t. That’s what love meant. Love filled in the parts of you that you never knew were missing. He was here with me now and then…

There he was.


Our eyes met across the space, and then there was no chaos, no yelling, no fear. My heart stopped and restarted in rhythm with his. Maybe it hadn’t been beating this whole time.

He looked worse for the wear as though he hadn’t been sleeping either. Dark stubble shadowed his jawline and his hair, which was usually combed into submission these days, was an unruly black mess. I wanted to tangle my fingers through it and pull him against me.

Yesterday, I’d thought I lost him forever.

This morning, I struggled to remember the taste of his kiss.

An hour ago I wasn’t certain if he would ever hold me again.

But Alexander always found me, even the times I hadn’t wanted him to. I’d clung to his memories while we were apart, building him until he fell almost real. But he’d been nothing but an illusion then. This man? He was flesh and blood and anger and love. He was real, and he was mine.

And seeing him was like coming home.

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