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Can she learn to love the man—as well as the dragon within?

Sensual. Clever. Daring. There’s only one thing Kendrick yearns for—peace that has eluded the Dragon Kings. Zora may have been made in the image of Earth, but it’s a far cry from home. For too long the Kings have been on the defensive, betrayed time and again. When Kendrick has an opportunity to stop a foe, he takes it. Except he isn’t the only one tracking it. Soon, he finds himself face-to-face with an exquisite swordswoman who holds him enthralled…and sparks passion within his cold heart.

As an Asavori Ranger, Esha has dedicated her life to protecting her people. She trains relentlessly to become one of their best warriors, forsaking everything else. When a treacherous new enemy invades their lands, she vows to destroy it. Esha’s rash decision has her crossing paths with that of a mysterious, handsome outsider. He’s trouble the Rangers don’t need, but she can’t walk away. He awakens desires long buried and dreams neglected. The temptation of their forbidden union is more than she can resist. She’s soon walking a treacherous path—one that could be the downfall for them both.

Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.


Dragon Kings

Can be read as a standalone

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Paranormal Romance

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Excerpt: Dragon Lover
By Donna Grant

Excerpt: Dragon Lover

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant returns with the next exciting story in the Dragon Kings series. DRAGON LOVER is out this week, but you can read an excerpt now below!

With his wings tucked against his body and the wind whipping past him in a rush, Kendrick released a breath of fire. It scorched the earth where he was sure the enemy had been. He was just circling back for a second attack when something slammed into him. The next thing he knew, he crashed into the ground in human form. Bones snapped at the force of the impact.

Kendrick hadn’t shifted, he was certain of that. He pushed up onto one elbow as the world spun and his bones knitted back together. His body…fuck. It hurt in ways he’d never experienced. The pain was so debilitating that he nearly passed out. He shook from the agony and the magic that had struck him. His stomach heaved, but he fought for control.

He shook his head to clear it, but that only made things worse. His enhanced hearing caught a whisper of a sound. Was it his enemy? Or a new one? It didn’t matter. He had to get up and face it. He got to his feet on unsteady limbs and called clothes to his nakedness. He staggered, doing everything he could to stay upright—which shouldn’t be so difficult.

Kendrick knew he wasn’t alone. His senses warned him that something was closing in, and fast. He kept his gaze on the horizon to combat the dizziness. That allowed him to concentrate on his peripheral vision to catch a glimpse of the enemy again.

This time, just as he braced for an attack from the side, the magic hit him square in the chest. The agony that radiated through Kendrick snatched his breath. He landed hard, something dark and cloying engulfing him before he knew what had happened. It felt as if something were invading his skin and trying to rip his muscles apart and shatter his bones systematically. With gritted teeth, he fought against the rising tide of pain.

Kendrick tried to shift again, but he couldn’t. The sheer terror that assaulted him made him panic for an instant. He then resorted to magic, fighting any way he could. Each time he started to heal, whatever had a hold of him struck again. Worse was the residual magic that lingered. He even thought he heard a laugh near his ear.

The enemy was on him, around him, and still, Kendrick couldn’t see what it was. He bellowed and released more magic. It was enough to get away from the entity. Kendrick knew it would return, but he would be upright when it did. It was getting harder and harder to stay on his feet, but he refused to fall.

He tried again to shift now that he was free of the foe’s energy. When he couldn’t, panic stole over him. Cullen had warned him about this. So had Brandr and Eurwen, but he hadn’t listened. He’d believed things would be different for him, and look where that had gotten him. He’d been too intent on taking down their adversary, and now, he would pay the price.

He felt a slight shift in the air. Kendrick looked out of the corner of his eye and saw the ripple once more. He dove to the side and then rolled to his feet. A grin split his face when he realized he’d dodged the assault. He turned to use his peripheral vision for the next attack. It came from above this time, pounding into him so hard that his legs buckled.

Not as powerful as you thought, are you?”

The disembodied voice filled the area around him. Kendrick lifted his head as his body swiftly mended. The entity was toying with him. Fury burned within him. If that was how this thing wanted to play, then he was game. Kendrick climbed to his feet and attempted once more to shift. It took everything he had to hold back the panic that lodged itself in his chest when he couldn’t.

He was a Dragon King. He had fought many wars, gone up against some of the most powerful beings, and had come out on top. He wasn’t afraid of death. The magic of Earth had chosen him to lead his clan, and nothing on this realm or any other would make him stop fighting.

Kendrick took a deep breath and released it. He then smiled. “I wouldna worry about me.”

He saw a ripple out of the corner of his eye. Kendrick spun away, but he was too slow. The magic enveloped him. It stuck to his skin, seeped into every pore as if it were suffocating him. This wasn’t the end. Was it? A King could only be killed by another King. Unless this was a Dragon King, and they didn’t know it.

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