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I love falling in love.
Only I’m the worst at it.

My friends call me a serial first dater and I can’t blame them.
All I want is a happy ever after, yet all I find are happy ever nevers.

This is my last chance. After this set up with my friend’s tattoo artist, I’m done.
No more dating. No more chances.

If I don’t fall in love with Leo Johnson, I’ll give up on dating.
Even if it shatters my dreams in the process.

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Excerpt: Happily Ever Never
By Carrie Ann Ryan

Excerpt: Happily Ever Never

New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan returns to the Montgomery Ink world with a blind date romance between two unlikely strangers. HAPPILY EVER NEVER is out tomorrow, but you can read a sneak peek below now!

“Bad date?” Nick asked as he looked over Lake’s head and winked at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Of course. The last good date I had was with this one,” I said, pointing at Leif.

Leif choked on his water, sputtering. “Seriously? That can’t be right.”

Lake burst out laughing, as did the few others in the room. That’s when I noticed I wasn’t alone with my friends. No, the place was full of customers, their friends, and a few other artists I had never met before.

“Oh. I didn’t realize you were all here. I’m sorry. I’m going to go hide under a rock now—as soon as I find one.”

“Don’t hide on our account,” a man with dark hair, light eyes, and a wicked grin said as he stepped forward. He held out his hand. “I’m Leo. And you are the woman of my dreams.”

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it.

He rolled his eyes as the others laughed outright with me. “Well, then. I guess that put me in my place. Seriously, though, I’m Leo. It’s good to meet you. It’s May, right? You’re Leif and Brooke’s nanny. I mean, Luke’s nanny—not that Leif doesn’t need one.”

I didn’t hear any derision in his tone, only interest. That was different. Most people weren’t sure why I was still a nanny with all my college degrees and experience. But I really did love my job. Other people with their misconceptions and preconceived notions would have to get over themselves.

“I am May, their nanny. You’re the jokester of the place, right?”

Another man behind Leo cracked up. “Sure. If that’s what he wants to call himself. I’m Tristan. This is Taryn,” Tristan said as he gestured toward a gorgeous woman with bright red hair. “We all work for these head honchos over here.” He pointed toward Nick, Lake, and Leif.

I knew the three of them had come together to purchase the building and start Montgomery Ink Legacy. There was a fourth owner, someone else who had bought in that had a small share. Once he was old enough, he would buy into the business more. He was on the board and part of the ownership and legacy. Or at least he had been. My heart hurt for Sebastian Montgomery and the hardships he was going through. For the unending pain and hope all twisted into one future. I didn’t know Sebastian well, but I hoped he knew he wasn’t alone. If a mere stranger hurt for him and was willing to help him like I was, I really hoped he had someone close to lean on.

“So, you here for a tattoo?” Leif asked.

I shook my head, my lips twitching. “Not now. I just didn’t want to go home alone and have a chocolate drumstick.”

“Don’t knock chocolate drumsticks. They’re amazing.” Leo returned to his seat and gestured to the notepad in front of him. His client bent over it, and the two went back to work.

“True, but it was a crappy night.”

“Are you okay?” Leif asked, his gaze narrowing.

Leo looked at me again, his expression fierce. The rest of the men in the group followed suit. Lake was the only one who appeared worried instead of angry, and I hated that because it had nothing to do with me. Nick noticed and rubbed the back of her neck, and Lake softened into him, practically melting.

Those two were so good for each other, and I was happy they’d finally seen each other rather than continually running.

“I’m fine. It just wasn’t a great night. One day, I will have a date that doesn’t end up boring, rude, or with someone telling me I shouldn’t have dessert.”

Every single person stared at me, their eyes wide.

“Where is he, and what does he look like?” Leo asked. I shook my head, though I was grateful it seemed he cared.

“I took care of it. Well, I didn’t dump my glass on him but only because I was out of water.”

“And throwing the glass itself probably wouldn’t have been a great idea,” Leif murmured.

I shrugged. “Probably.”

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