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From New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake, discover The Park Avenue Promise Series…

Three young women make a pact in high school—
to always be friends and to one day make it big in Manhattan.

My Royal Showmance

Anika Fox knows exactly where she wants to be, and it’s not on the set of a reality TV dating show. She’s working her way up at the production company she works for and she’s close to achieving some of her dreams. The big boss just wants one thing from her. She’s got a potential problem with the director of The King Takes a Bride and she wants Anika to pose as a production assistant and report back.

As the king of a tiny European country, Luca St. Marten knows the world views him as one of the pampered royalty of the world. It couldn’t be further from the truth. His country is hurting and he’s right there on the front lines with his citizens. When he’s asked to do a dating show, his counselors point out that it could bring tourism back to Ralavia. It goes against his every desire, but he agrees.

When one of the contestants drops out at the last minute, Anika finds herself replacing the potential princess. She’s sure she’ll be asked to leave the first night, but Luca keeps picking her again and again. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a made-for-TV fantasy, and she’s unsure what’s real and what’s simply reality TV.

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Excerpt: My Royal Showmance
By Lexi Blake

Excerpt: My Royal Showmance

From New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake, comes the next standalone romance in The Park Avenue Promise series. MY ROYAL SHOWMANCE is out Tuesday, but you can read a sneak peek right now!

Two hours later we’ve gotten ice cream and walked around Rockefeller Center, answering more of those silly questions while sitting on a bench. Usually the late-night crowds would bug me because at this hour they tend to be drunk or obnoxious, but the truth is I don’t see anyone but him.

We’ve talked about what world peace would look like for us—a weird question that he answered beautifully and I mentioned the words free candy—discussed our childhood pets, and whether or not we have siblings. No for both of us.

We have a lot in common. It’s all I can think about as we approach my building. The night seems magical, and I don’t want it to end.

“This is me.” I reach inside my teeny tiny bag that basically only holds my phone, ID, and the key to my apartment.

He glances up at the building, and I wonder what he sees. It’s an old building, bearing the marks of decades and generations. There are certainly prettier buildings. Like the one I’m going to spend a bunch of time around soon because it will play host to a group of wannabe queens, while their king stays at a luxury hotel.

I don’t want to think about that right now. I want Luca to kiss me and come upstairs, and we can forget everything for a couple of hours. I know we’re not starting some grand romance. He can’t stay in New York, and I won’t be moving to England anytime soon, but I’ve so enjoyed the feel of his hand in mine.

I want to not be lonely for a little while.

“This has been the best night I’ve had in a long time,” he says quietly, his fingers disentangling from mine. “Thank you. I so often find myself in stuffy places with stuffy people. It’s my line of work.”

He described it as a combination between publicity and diplomacy. I picked up that he works for his government, and likely in a high-level position.

I’d explained my dream job to him. Not the one I’m about to do. We talked about my upcoming film project, and he agreed that it probably didn’t need aliens. Probably. He really does like science fiction. “No stuffy people around here. Only weirdos.”

He looks down at me, his fingers coming up to brush the line of my jaw. “I like weirdos. I enjoyed being in your world for the night, Anika. I wish I could stay longer.”

I don’t like the sound of that. “You could come up for a nightcap.”

That will lead to sweaty, glorious, nasty sex, and an exchange of phone numbers.

Damn it. I’m thinking beyond the night, and that’s so foolish of me. He told me he can’t hang out. He’s been clear, and I should know better.

He sighs, a look of regret in his eyes as he stares down at me. “If only it was so simple. The funny thing is I thought I would be walking up those stairs with you. Or I would convince you to come back to my room. I looked across that bar and thought I might be able to fit one good night in.”

Despite the fact that I’ve just admonished myself for overreaching, I leap at the opportunity. I still want him even though I’m pretty sure he’ll break my heart. “So come upstairs with me. It’s small but cozy, and I think I’ve got some wine.”

It might be in a box. I hope it’s not in a box.

“But then I got to know you,” he says, stepping away. “And I know what a sacrifice I’m about to make. I have things I have to do, things I don’t want to do. However, I will do my duty, and one of those things is going back to my hotel room alone. It was such an honor to spend time with you, Anika Fox.”

He’s going to leave and he’s not even going to kiss me.

I thought for sure he would kiss me.

He seems like the charmingest of princes, and now I realize I’ve been playing out a fantasy in my head. A rom-com where we both go in without the intention of falling in love, but in the morning he would know he can’t leave.

I’m still that little girl who wants so badly to have an epic love story because the world seems so cold.

He’s doing me a kindness because he isn’t playing into my fantasies.

“It was good to spend time with you, too, Luca.” I give him what I hope is a bright smile.

He takes my hand in his and brings it to his lips, his kiss sending warmth through me. “Know that I am going to regret walking away from you for a very long time. Have a good life, Anika, and I’ll look for that movie of yours.”

He backs away, and I watch as he hails a cab. He waves to me and then he’s gone.

I stare for a moment and then walk slowly up the steps, hating the fact that I have tears in my eyes.

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