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Anna Albertini has her hands full during the holiday season. Her boyfriend Aiden is back in town after being undercover across the country for the last three months, and his sudden over-protectiveness is a little too much. In addition, Nonna’s latest matchmaking scheme has been so far thwarted by the two most stubborn candidates alive, and Nonna is out of patience and bringing out the big guns. Anna is forced to both protect her sister and run interference, when she’d like to jump in and find a happily ever after for everyone instead.

To add to her already hectic life, her life-long stalker is about to make a move and doesn’t hide that frightening fact, although Anna is more than ready for him. In fact, she’s willing to draw him out to finally bring him down—regardless of the consequences. Finally, Santa has been arrested and charged for murder, needing a good lawyer. Who would arrest Santa? Anna can’t let this stand. It’s a good thing Christmas is a time of magic and miracles, because she’s going to need one.


The Anna Albertini Files

Book 4

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Holiday Romance

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Excerpt: Santa's Subpoena
By Rebecca Zanetti

Excerpt: Santa’s Subpoena

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti is back with a special holiday installment in her Anna Albertini series! SANTA’S SUBPOENA is not out until tomorrow, but you can read an exclusive sneak peek below!

The man was not wrong. I sucked in a breath. “Maybe we’re not routine type of people.”

“Perhaps,” Aiden said. “The bad news is that my op got busted, but the good news is that we can spend Christmas together. We have a couple of weeks to see if we need a routine or if we can create one of our own. Whatever that means.”

What if we couldn’t? What if we didn’t work if we lived in the same space for too long? I couldn’t imagine life without him, and that was saying a lot for me. Playing the field had never been my thing, and there was nobody on the planet who compared to Aiden Devlin. Which meant it would suck if we broke up, and with our lives and jobs, nothing was for certain. I should do the smart thing and try to protect myself a little from heartbreak.

“You’re not dating somebody else,” Aiden said, brushing snow off my shoulder and apparently reading my mind. “Neither one of us has time to balance or deal with that type of situation, and I don’t want it, anyway. It’s you and me, and we’ll figure out if we can make sense of us without a lot of drama or anybody else involved.”

Now I lifted an eyebrow. I was an independent and adventurous woman, but oddly enough, I liked his bossy side. Even enjoyed the sense of feeling safe when he was in control of a situation. Yet I couldn’t let him get away with too much. “I’ll let you know what I decide about that,” I said, unzipping my coat and dropping more snow to the tiled entryway.

“You do that.” He helped me out of the snow covered wool and hung it on the peg near the door, his strong hands pulling my hair free and his warm fingers brushing against my nape.

A shiver took me and I couldn’t hide it. He could undo me with just one touch, and I didn’t like giving him that much power. Although I did like that one touch. So I ducked my head and toed off my boots, holding his good arm for balance. I was young, smart, professional, and should be playing the field and having fun. But since the sexiest, most dangerous, Irish badass on the planet had found his way into my bed and my heart, why waste time on anybody else? I sighed.

His chuckle eased the rest of the tension from my body. “Come on. I brought pizza and wine. I don’t want to talk about either of our cases or jobs tonight—all of that can wait until morning, considering it’s Saturday tomorrow. For now, let’s relax, eat too much pizza, and then sleep in.” He turned and strode for the kitchen, his Glock nestled in his waistband against his lower back.

He never wore his gun on his body while at either of our homes.

Yeah. That tension and stress returned. Fast.

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