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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carly Phillips comes a new story in her Sexy series…

Learning curves have never been so off-limits.

Professor Shane Warden is on the verge of getting tenure. He never thought he’d see the day, after a false accusation from a student years ago that nearly destroyed his career, and decimated his ability to trust. But the moment he walks into class and lays eyes on the seductive blonde with legs that go on forever and lips he immediately wants to kiss, he knows he’s in trouble.

This time for real.

Single mom Amber Davis is finally living her dream of going back to college. In the ten years since she dropped out to have a baby–and recover from his father’s death–it’s been the goal that always felt just out of reach. Until now. But one look at her hot, sexy professor, and Amber is head over heels in lust. It doesn’t take long before their attraction blazes out of control.

Neither of them can afford a forbidden affair.
Yet it’s the one thing they are powerless to stop.

It will only take one hint of a rumor to destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve… and in this case the rumors are true.

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Excerpt: Sexy Love
By Carly Phillips

Excerpt: Sexy Love

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carly Phillips comes SEXY LOVE, a new story in her Sexy series coming this week! I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek!

Amber hadn’t looked twice at a man in more years than she cared to remember. Oh, she’d dated when she could, her mom watching L.J., but anyone she’d gone out with had freaked out at the mention of her having a kid or never called her again. Lately, she’d been too busy being a mom and keeping her head above water financially and emotionally to worry about meeting anyone. But she was looking now because Shane was a very attractive man.

They’d settled into an outside table and chairs with hamburgers and French fries in front of them. She took a sip of her soda, aware of his heated gaze on the purse of her lips around the straw. They certainly shared an immediate attraction, she thought, dropping her stare to the food in front of her.

She didn’t have to look at him to be aware of his handsome face covered by a scruff of beard, warm brown eyes, and what looked like soft, kissable lips. She squirmed in her seat, unaccustomed to her body’s reaction to the man. Any man. It had been so long since her sex pulsed in delicious response to the opposite sex.

Had she used her battery-operated boyfriend? For sure. But even those moments were few and far between with a little boy in the house. But this man with his nice body, his short-sleeve tee shirt pulling tight over his muscular frame, had her thinking about doing other things in her bed. Adult things she hadn’t experienced in far too long.

“So the campus is a circle with roads situated like spikes that lead to different areas and buildings,” he said.

His statement brought her out of her surprisingly sensual musings, and she met his gaze, doing her best not to blush. She hoped.

As he described the town, she was drawn by the rasp of his husky voice. “You turned down the wrong street the first time,” he said, an amused tilt to his lips.

Clearing her throat, she nodded. “Picking the wrong street would explain things. I’ve also been a little distracted.”

And she wasn’t just talking about being preoccupied right now with thoughts of him. And her vibrator. Oh, good God, she thought to herself. Just stop! Focus.

Forcing her mind back to the mundane, she went on to explain. “The movers just dropped the boxes off that need to be unpacked, and my son left to spend a few weeks with his grandparents. I’m not used to being without him.” Glancing up at him, she met his curious gaze.

“You have a son?” He blinked and she realized he had long, thick lashes, the kind she had to use mascara to obtain.

“I do.” Maybe she was testing him, tossing this bit of information out when they were just having a friendly dinner. But she’d rather know than find herself interested in the man only to discover he was just like every guy she’d dated before him. Not that she was dating him. Oh, my God, this man had her so internally flustered.

Still, her son not only came first, he was everything in her world, and any man in her orbit needed to know it. “He’s ten and he’s a great kid,” she couldn’t help but add with a grin.

“Are you married?” Shane asked bluntly, his gaze scanning her fingers, no doubt in search of a wedding ring or telltale tan line.

She shook her head.

“Divorced then?”

She didn’t mind the questions. She’d opened the door, and of course he was curious, but people did tend to judge her. There’d been the moms at the preschool, where she was the youngest one dropping off her little boy, which happened when you got pregnant at the age of twenty. They’d stared and whispered as if she’d done something wrong.

She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, catching the way she’d nearly succumbed to awkwardness at the truth of her life. Instead she squared her shoulders and owned who she was. “No. I’m a single mom.”

His eyes opened wide. “Kudos to you. My mom raised me alone, and I know how hard it must be for you. Forgive me for saying so, but you must have had him when you were young.”

“I did,” she murmured and took a bite of her burger instead of explaining further. Her life was complicated, her past painful, and she wasn’t going to elaborate with a stranger.

He leaned in closer and she caught a hint of delicious-smelling aftershave. “I didn’t mean to strike a nerve.”

“You didn’t.” She began to shake her head and decided to tell the truth. “Well, maybe you did. People can be judgmental. But clearly you’re not, so we’re good. Now can you tell me more about the shopping around here?”

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