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She used to be his. Now she’s about to marry another man.

Will he let her go … or will he stand up and take the bride?

Ryder Hammond and Sierra Knight were high school sweethearts. Despite him being her brother’s best friend, their relationship burned hot and fast…and ended with heartbreak and regrets.

Years later, she’s at the altar, about to marry another man.

He’s only there for closure, to finally put the past behind him.

But when the preacher asks if anyone has a reason the couple shouldn’t wed, she turns around and her gaze locks on his.

Suddenly he’s out of his seat.



And ultimately stealing the very pissed off bride and taking her to a secluded cabin.

He wants one week to convince her they’re meant to be, to remind her of the fiery passion still burning between them.

When their time together is up, will she walk away and break his heart this time, or will he finally have the woman he’s wanted all along?


Knight Brothers

Can be read as a standalone

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Contemporary Romance

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Excerpt: Take The Bride
By Carly Phillips

Excerpt: Take The Bride

Out this week is TAKE THE BRIDE—the new standalone installment in the Knight Brothers series by Carly Phillips! Read below to get a sneak peek!

Ryder Hammond.

Her brother Sebastian’s best friend.

Her high school boyfriend.

Her first love.

She swallowed over the sudden lump in her throat, unable not to compare his rugged good looks to the man waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Jason, lean and handsome in his tuxedo, his blond hair neatly trimmed, his face perfectly shaved, his gaze patiently on hers.

Then there was Ryder. His jet-black hair was too long to be considered neat, but it suited his sexy features, as did the stubble he hadn’t shaved on his face. His suit jacket fit him perfectly, accentuating muscles he’d achieved by working in construction when, at this point in his career, he could sit behind a desk if he chose. He liked to build with his hands. Hands she was intimately familiar with, and at the thought, her nipples tightened beneath her dress.

His green eyes locked on hers, a wave of what looked like longing flashing in his gaze. She could once read every emotion on his face, but she didn’t know now whether it was her mind conjuring what she wanted to see or whether desire was, in fact, what he was thinking and feeling now. They both knew that a big wedding had once been their dream. Or at least it had been the fantasy she’d woven for them both and he’d let her.

A small tremor rippled through her at the thought, the memory of them lying under the big tree in her backyard as she detailed her idea of a perfect day. Sierra and Ryder, she’d thought, had been meant to be. Until he’d broken up with her and ripped her heart to shreds at the same time.

Ethan paused at the slight shudder that overtook her. “Are you sure?” he whispered, so low only she could hear.

“I have to be,” she replied just as softly.

With a half shake of his head, he continued their path to Jason. The man she was marrying.

Another few steps and Ethan paused at the end of the aisle, lifted her veil, and kissed her cheek. “Be happy,” he whispered. “I love you.”

And then he handed her off to her groom.

She met Jason’s gaze and took his hand, smiling, her nerves settling down as they took their places. He was solid and secure, everything she needed and wanted in her life. Her father had given her a revolving door of so-called mother figures who wanted nothing to do with her as she grew up. He hadn’t had any more time for her than they had. And so she’d dreamed of marrying one man and living the happily ever after that had eluded her father after her mom passed away.

She pushed useless thoughts of the past aside. She had no reason to question her decision to marry Jason, who offered her exactly what she craved. It had just been last-minute jitters that had hit her before, Ryder merely a reminder of adolescent daydreams.

Her thoughts were normal for any bride, she thought, as the priest began to speak. Jason held her hand and she looked into his eyes, the ceremony going on as planned, as the words were spoken around them.

“If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

Sierra’s gaze shot to the priest in annoyance. She’d specifically asked for that line to be omitted, along with anything else that was sexist, such as her obeying her groom.

She blew out a harsh breath, realizing the priest was still waiting, glancing around the room.

It was as if an invisible pull had her looking away from Jason, turning, her gaze locking with Ryder’s.

What happened next occurred in slow motion.

“I do,” Ryder said, rising to his feet.

He did not just say that, she thought, panic setting in, her stare still joined with his.

“What the hell?” Jason asked, sounding pissed off.

“Sir?” the priest asked, clearly taken off guard. After all, how many times did an actual objection occur except on TV?

“I object,” Ryder said, loud and clear.

People pointed and whispered.

“Fuck,” Sebastian said from his place beside her brothers and Matthew, Jason’s best man.

Suddenly chaos erupted around them. Ryder started forward at the same time Jason lunged toward him. His best man grabbed him, holding him back from going after Ryder, whose sister, Skye, one of Sierra’s bridesmaids, ran for her brother.

“Calm down,” she heard Matthew say.

Sebastian, she noted, went directly for Ryder, stopping him from getting near her as he spoke to him. Sebastian’s wife, Ashley, came up beside him.

“Honey, are you okay?” Maggie, her bridesmaid and wedding planner, grasped her hand.

She turned to her friend, who looked beautiful in the deep purple dress Sierra had chosen. “I don’t know,” she said. And she didn’t.

What had Ryder been thinking, objecting at her wedding?

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