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“I’ve heard that boys with motorcycles have less-than-noble intentions.”

“Not a boy,” Beck said. “And you heard right.”

Luna da Rosa is America’s Vegan Best Friend. The self-made billionaire is a flower-crowned hippie whose Instagram feed is as popular as Wild Heart, her vegan makeup company. When she’s not changing the cosmetics industry, she’s dazzling her online fans with kombucha recipes—until Wild Heart is caught in a scandal, destroying her reputation as a cheerful do-gooder.

Beck Mason is the prodigal son of Miami’s most notorious biker gang. But Beck left his criminal family to start Lucky Dog, rescuing dogs who need the most help… except the surly ex-outlaw never realized leading a struggling nonprofit with a ragtag crew would be so damn hard. They’re in dire need of cash—and fast.

Luna believes working at Lucky Dog will fix her image problem and get Beck the money he needs. It’s a win-win, right? Except Beck doesn’t like the sunny, free-spirited—okay beautiful—billionaire. He sure as hell doesn’t trust Luna not to use him just to make herself look good.

Sure, Beck’s grumpy, stubborn pride and meat-eating ways irritates Luna. Even though his big-heart-and-big-beard-combo is dangerously sexy. And they really shouldn’t have shared The Kiss to End All Kisses on the back of his motorcycle one night…

But as the bohemian billionaire and the burly biker give into their electrifying attraction, will their differences keep them apart? Or will they finally learn to trust their wild hearts?

Author’s Note: Big, grumpy, bearded hero. Happy-go-lucky hippie heroine. Snarky banter. Opposites that don’t so much attract as combust. Motorcycle sex. Steamy Miami nights. Four lady billionaire best friends. All the rescue dogs. Major heart-feels.


Blue Water Billionaires

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Romantic Comedy

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Wild Open Hearts
By Kathryn Nolan

Exclusive Excerpt: Wild Open Hearts

WILD OPEN HEARTS by Kathryn Nolan is out this week on October 25th! This rom com includes a free-spirited hippie heroine and a grumpy, bearded hero! Lots of banter in this opposites-attract novel, and I have a sneak peek to share with you below!


“Sorry,” I said, looking away. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Never,” Luna said. Strands of hair hung loose from her high bun. “I was heading out, actually.”

I peered around her shoulder to look inside the kennel. She’d folded all the blankets to make a thick pillow. Placed a stuffed toy nearby. And a Milk-Bone in the middle.

That damn Milk-Bone got me. “You did this?”

She lifted one shoulder, the strap sliding down her skin. “It’s silly. I thought if I was scared and alone I’d want to feel safe and welcome and get treats.”

I looked over at her. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She exhaled, wiped those strands of hair back into her bun. “The Ferris Mark thing is messing with my production schedules. I’ve got to go soothe a few hurt feelings on the West Coast.”

“You cleaned dog shit for two hours and now you’re going to…?” I wasn’t sure where I was going with this or my expectations of the rainbow billionaire.

“Be a CEO?” she teased. “Yeah, that’s my day. Started at 4:00 am”—she yawned—“but this was the highlight.”

Luna peered up at me in the bright Miami sunshine. Her skin looked like it was glowing.

Or maybe that was her in general.

“Thank you for sitting with Penelope,” I said.

“It was my absolute pleasure,” Luna replied.

A sleek black car pulled into our parking lot next to my busted-looking motorcycle. Luna grabbed her expensive purse, went to leave—and then turned back.

“You know, technically, I’ve got one officially sanctioned photo left to take. I’ve only taken three.”

“You didn’t hit your Instagram quota of fifty posts an hour?”

“What am I, an amateur?” she asked. “I do sixty, easy.”

A smile tugged at my lips.

“I could take one of you.”

“Nope,” I said.

“A lot of my fans would be into that shaggy beard.”

“This face is terrifying, remember?” I said, pointing at it.

“Well”—she pursed her lips—“you’re definitely a type.”

“What type is that?”

“You know.” Her cheeks flushed. “Hot, bearded mountain man.”

Her compliment—intended or not—sent a frisson of heat up my spine. When was the last time anyone had said anything about my face that was nice?

“I’m still going for grumpy biker,” I said.

“Nah.” Luna poked her tongue out. “Word on the street is you’re a big softie, Mr. Mason.”

“Beck,” I said automatically.

“I know.” Her smile was bewitching. Luna da Rosa was teasing me.

“So hot, bearded men are your type?” I asked. Two could play at this game.

A type. Certainly not mine.”

“I’m going to guess your type would be…” I tapped my chin. “A hippie spin instructor whose name is Carrot?”

How’d you know about Carrot?” she deadpanned.

I let out a laugh—a little surprised.

“I think you’d be surprised at the wave of perverted messages I’d receive about you.” Luna placed her phone in my palm, fingertips glancing off my skin. “Since you won’t take a picture, take one of me, please.”

I stood frozen as Luna undid her hair, running her fingers through it—the breeze tossed the brown and blond waves. She posed and I took it. In the picture, she looked like she was comfortable in her skin, comfortable here, happy with her life. But I knew things were not going great for her right now.

Was this the real Luna? Or a fake?

“Text me updates about Penelope, okay?” she said. “I’ll worry about her until I can get back here later this week.”

My eyes searched her beautiful dark ones. The sincerity and compassion there seemed real.

“Sure,” I said.

“Try not to terrify too many elderly people while I’m gone, Mr. Mason.”

I watched Luna get in that car and be driven away.

Jem came up behind me, waving at the car with a look of total love.

“Can we keep her?” she asked.

“Maybe,” I grumbled.

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