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Emily Stanton’s perfect life just became a disaster. She has a trust fund brother looking for a handout, a father who is more board member than dad, and a mother who thinks she should give up on this whole billionaire CEO thing and meet a man with a pre-nup and a yacht.

Oh, and then there’s that “misunderstanding” with law enforcement witnessed by Miami’s paparazzi. Now her billion-dollar deal is on the line, and there’s a naked man in her bathtub who claims he’s going to make all her problems disappear.

Charming—and happy to bend the rules when necessary—Derek Price has made a living polishing the tarnished images of the rich and famous. He’s never lost, and he never takes clients to bed. Until the dazzling Emily. Derek promised her a win and offered up a lifetime supply of orgasms as part of the deal. But if he can’t stop her enemies, he’ll end up losing much more than he bargained for.

Author Notes: An enemies-to-allies-to-lovers workplace romcom with a meet-nude, four lady billionaire BFFs, a hero whose many talents include styling hair and picking pockets, the best dang drag queen brunch in Miami, and a shameless romance novelist cameo.

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The Price of Scandal
By Lucy Score

Exclusive Excerpt: The Price of Scandal

Out this week is a new, sizzling enemies-to-lovers rom com from bestselling author Lucy Score—THE PRICE OF SCANDAL—and I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek from the book, out this Friday!

You dazzle me,” he said, running his hands down the sleeves of my lab coat.

I felt my eyebrows wing up. Uh-oh. “I beg your pardon?” I said stiffly.

“I’m going to cross a professional line here,” he warned me. “It’s your fault because that in there was like witnessing a miracle.”

“Cross a professional line? You?” I scoffed, more nervous than I cared to admit. I’d handled unwanted advances with a frosty efficiency before. But this felt…different. “Are you breaking into my house and taking a bath again?”

“No. I’m going to kiss you right here in this science closet.”

“It’s a storage room, not a science closet. And no. You’re not,” I said, hands flying to his chest. There went my frosty efficiency.

“Afraid I am. And I’d apologize, but we both know I’m not going to really be sorry.”

He was leaning in. My body, already revved from scientific achievement, happily threw itself into overdrive. His chest, firm and toned, pressed into my palms, testing my resistance.

“I don’t know you,” I said quietly as his mouth moved closer. I didn’t kiss strangers. Certainly not strangers who trespassed and stole. God, what would he take from me?

My heart beat out a tempo loud enough that I was sure he could hear it.

“I’m starting to know you, and I quite like it,” he countered.

I was wearing a lab coat with my “librarian bun” as Jane liked to call it, and the sexiest man I’d ever laid eyes on was putting the moves on me. My brain scrambled to rationalize.

He’s using you.

He wants something from you.

He’ll hurt you.

He’s not right for you.

“You can slap me after, I promise,” he said just before his lips brushed mine.

Oh, those lips. Firm, demanding, insistent.

Biology took over. And not the knee-jerk self-defense kind. It was an instant chemical reaction.

“Dazzled,” he whispered the word again, his mouth moving over mine. And then it was me who was dazzled.

I heard the thrum of my blood as it pumped through my veins. I tried to stay still. To be impassive. I couldn’t allow him to think that it was acceptable to kiss me like this.

But, oh, it was.

Even my stomach stopped the acrobatic act it had been performing for the last hour and went warm and liquid.

I gripped him by the lapels of his coat and kissed him back as if there was nothing else in the world I’d rather be doing. As if there were no demands waiting for me outside that door. No family responsibilities. No concerns over perception or next steps.

I kissed him as if this moment was the only one that mattered.

Derek’s body pressed against mine was the only sensation I had to concern myself with.

Sorry, Mom. I’m too busy being seduced to worry about image and reputation.

He was lean and rangy. Made to wear fine suits and slim ties. His height was lovely. Most men I dated were eye-to-eye with me when I was in heels. But Derek had inches to spare.

Our tongues twined in an instinctive dance, and my senses were full of him.

Wrestling control back, he kissed me thoroughly, hungrily. Tongues mating, lips bruising. My breath was his. His hands slipped inside my jacket and coasted over waist and hips.

“We need to stop,” I said, kissing him with a desperation that was quite frankly terrifying.

“Absolutely. It’s vital that we stop kissing immediately.” His tongue danced back into my mouth.

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