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In the new Eve Dallas police thriller from #1 New York Times-bestselling author J. D. Robb, what looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

The scene in the West Village studio appears to be classic crime-of-passion: two wineglasses by the bed, music playing, and a young sculptor named Ariel Byrd with the back of her head bashed in. But when Dallas tracks down the wealthy Upper East Side woman who called 911, the details don’t add up. Gwen Huffman is wealthy, elegant, comforted by her handsome fiancé as she sheds tears over the trauma of finding the body—but why did it take an hour to report it? And why is she lying about little things?

As Eve and her team look into Gwen, her past, and the people around her, they find that the lies are about more than murder. As with sculpture, they need to chip away at the layers of deception to find the shape within—and soon they’re getting the FBI involved in a case that involves a sinister, fanatical group and a stunning criminal conspiracy.


In Death

Book 52

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Romantic Suspense

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Faithless In Death
By J.D. Robb

Review: Faithless in Death

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is on the case when a sculptor is brutally murdered in what appears to be a crime of passion, in FAITHLESS IN DEATH—the latest edge-of-your-seat installment in J.D. Robb’s In Death series.

Eve and Peabody surmise that a lover’s quarrel turned deadly in Ariel Byrd’s West Village studio. But from the get-go, something doesn’t seem right, especially after talking with the wealthy socialite who called 911. As the team gathers clues, threads of a far more tangled, far more sinister truth begin to unravel. To make matters worse, those involved sneer at the investigation, feeling impervious behind the power, money and influence they wield.

Aided by the FBI, Roarke, and her entire team at NYPSD, Eve begins to tighten the reigns on a case that promises to wreak devastation through the upper crust of a fanatical order.

As always, this latest installment imbues romance, suspense and humor in just the right amounts. This word feels as real as real can get, brought to life by characters I know intimately and love dearly. Fifty-two stories in, it’s truly extraordinary how Robb (Nora Roberts), continues to deliver novel after novel, each superb, without ever feeling stale. I’m an obsessive, loyal-for-life fan and once again, count the days until I see Eve, Roarke, Peabody and the gang once again.

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