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5 Ways I'm Transitioning To Fall Decor

5 Ways I’m Transitioning To Fall Decor

September 1st is almost here and it’s the date I officially flip my decor from summer to early Fall (Texas weather be damned!). I incorporate small touches, while pulling away the corals and the greenery so defining of the warmer months. I wanted to share five ways and things I layer in to shift the tone, theme and color palette, to warmer, cozier feels reminiscent of the season.

Neutral Pillows

Cream, camel, stone, light and dark grays—those are the colors I’m using to transition into early Fall (before black, white and spootakular take over October 1st). I’m especially in love with the new pillows at Pottery Barn this year. I love the the textures, and I also love that the ones I’ve picked up for our living room are a bit bigger than usual. A lot of these neutral throw pillows will cycle back in for Winter decor too. Note, my absolute favorite insert is the PilloFlex one and I get them on Amazon. These are super karate-choppable!

Pumpkin Tableware

Photo source: Pottery Barn

Once I start using my pumpkin coffee mug, Fall is on… I don’t care how hot it is outside! I have a lot of the white pumpkin tableware, which goes well with my own neutrals vibe, but the orange is super beautiful and classic. My boys get a kick out of seeing these touches in our home and I use them often for dinner, and of course later during Thanksgiving. Plus… it’s a fact, both food and coffee taste better on pumpkin tableware.

Wooden Accents

One of the beautiful things about Fall is that in many ways, we are bringing the outdoors in. Pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches, all rustic touches of the season. I love layering in big, rustic wooden bowls (I keep remotes and video game controllers in there), long branches to lay atop of furniture and tables, and cool wooden accents to add into vignettes (like shown above). These pieces bring in texture and you can find all kinds in most any home store, from Target to Home Goods and every place in between.

Warm-Scented Candles

The smells and scents of Fall and Winter are so defining of the season. The warmth of family and friends, of get-togethers and holidays, of lit candles while huddled beneath a blanket… a scent can spark it all to life in a snap. These are my personal faves that are going to be lighting up our spaces at home.

BATH + BODY WORKS: Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin // Leaves // Pumpkin Pecan Waffles // Autumn

Decorative Pumpkins

While I love Fall, I don’t like kitschy or decorating with a heavy seasonal hand. So while I love adding pumpkins and gourds, I try and do it in a subtle, elegant or different way. Something a bit more sophisticated. It’s a beautiful nod to the season. I love glass and wooden pumpkins, embellished pumpkins and metallic pumpkins. I don’t usually do a collection of them, unless they are vase/lantern fillers or collected neatly in a bowl. I also add a decorative pumpkin atop of books, or a couple with either candles or twinkle lights.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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