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Fan Fiction Entry for Gabi Daniels Blog

Battle at Midnight
by Vilma Gonzalez
for fan fiction contest at

***Update! This entry won the contest!!! Woo-hoo!!! 🙂 ***


The cacophony of voices rose, jarring and loud. You could feel the suspense, tangible and waiting. The dark, musty basement arena was brimming with angels, nephilim, casters, a few vampires and the mundane-people. Once a year, at midnight, this unlikely group came together to see a fight of showmanship, a lesson in the art of combat. Invitation only, no one knew who began the tradition and who it was that sent the hand-delivered notices each year. Although it was meant to be a didactic production, it was more often than not bloody and ugly, no participant shying away from battling full-out.

Eran Talor nervously looked over at Maggie, who was busy in conversation with Jocelyn. Jameson caught Eran’s strained expression and shook his head laughingly. Eran had been here last year, engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Reed Wellington. So tonight, his normally calm demeanor faltered in recollection of his own fight. In the end, it had been a draw between him and Reed, both supremely powerful angels. Eran had enjoyed getting to know him, and his wife Evie, over the course of the year. But it seemed Reed was always away, forever occupied with trying to keep the relentless Irish Gancanagh, Brennus, away from Evie. He was grateful to have enjoyed some peace and quiet with Magdalene in the recent months, especially after their conflict with The Sevens.

On the other side of the arena, Colton Calloway and Nell Hawthorne sat with Travis Maddox and Abby Abernathy. Colton and Travis had recently met through common friends and had instantly connected. Both boasted hard, muscled bodies covered in tattoos, had fought in brutal underground fights and were well-skilled with fist-to-fist combat. Colton wondered how much time it would be before they paired him up with Travis. It seemed inevitable.

But today was all about Aiden and Four.

Aiden St. Delphi, a Sentinel, a pure-blood, was accustomed to fighting. Mercilessly hunting daimons had long been his purpose. His features were striking. His hair fell shaggy in dark brown waves, the lines of his face angular, the curve of his jaw strong as thundercloud eyes signaled he was ready to pounce. He was still angry to be called away with this diversion. Now that Alex was awake and back to normal after taking the elixir, they needed to focus on finding Seth before he took Alex’s power and became the invincible God Killer. That was the priority. But in the end, Alex convinced him that he needed to release his frustration and this served as the perfect distraction. Alex Andros was supremely confident in Aiden’s ability to wield daggers, but now, nerves racked her body as she sat in the front row fidgeting with apprehension.

On the opposite side of the arena, Beatrice Prior also faced the raised platform in the middle of the arena warily. Her boyfriend, Tobias Eaton, or Four as everyone called him, was well-known for his skill with a knife. Tris herself had seen his dexterity with the blades first hand when he threw daggers at her in training shortly after they met. He had been the Dauntless trainer, who in the last several months had seen more battle than he had hoped to ever see. Yet their troubles still seemed far from over. His dark blue, deep-set eyes focused, while he bit his full lower lip with intent.

The ding of a bell sounded and both took a quick bow towards each other. The room quieted as they each drew their daggers, one in each hand. Aiden made the first move, sliding forward in two large, quick steps as he brought his blades down on Four, metal clashing. Four pushed Aiden back, jabbing low towards his abdomen. Aiden sidestepped, the dagger missing just barely. He shifted slightly to face his back, kicking low to unbalance Aiden. Aiden wavered slightly, stepping forward to regain his equilibrium before spinning around, right arm sweeping in a back-handed slash towards Four’s chest as Four quickly ducked defensively. Anticipating Four’s move, Aiden lifted a knee, grazing his shoulder. The glancing blow knocks Four to the side forcing him to drop his dagger. Rolling forward, he reclaims his blade with his left hand, shooting up and placing distance between him and Aiden. The two combatants grin knowingly at each other from a distance, sweat beading on the skin.

By this point, the hollering from the crowd was deafening. The artful dance of their combat decisively showcasing their extensive training. The dance continued until suddenly Aiden froze at the audible gasp coming from Alex’s mouth. Even in battle, he was keenly aware of her.

Seth, the Apollyon, stood at the far end of the arena and was barreling his way forward towards the platform, an arrogant smirk on his face. Akasha streamed from hand, amber light making its way towards Aiden. Alex jumped up in a scream as both Four and Aiden reacted quickly and lunged out of the way. Focused on an entirely new target, Aiden and Four ran towards Seth, as Eran and Jameson leaped from their seats, following suit, sprinting to them. The fiery women in the audience, never shying from a fight themselves, joined the chaos. Maggie pulled out her own knives and ran after Eran, as Alex grabbed a weapon from the table next to the arena. Streams of amber light flared through the darkness of battle.

Seth and Aiden grappled with each other, weaponless, when suddenly Seth was brutally hit low in his side. Travis stood next to Colton, primed and ready to strike again. Seth jerked, but channeled Akasha again, forcing everyone around him to step back.

“I suggest you don’t get any closer,” Seth huffed. “I thought this was going to be entertaining, but I see this group is absolutely no fun and certainly no match for the Apollyon.”

“I assure you this can be quite fun for us,” Aiden taunted, but his face remained rigid, taut with anger.

Seth began to step backwards as his hands circled around his body, keeping everyone back. His gaze flickered to Alex, softening momentarily, before it returned to Aiden, “Soon, St. Delphi. Sooner than you think.”

And quicker than anticipated, Seth ran out through the dark, short stairwell that opened into the midnight sky.

“Well shit,” Colton muttered. “That was a damn good show, anyone up for a beer?”

Nervous laughter rung in the air, as breaths quieted and bodies began to relax. Travis replied an enthusiastic, “Hell, ya!”

Aiden clenched his teeth, but Four approached him and patted his back. Aiden took a deep breath and reluctantly grinned as the crowd ascended upstairs to find a bar that could house the motley crew.

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  1. gabidaniels said:

    OMG! I am fangirl crazed! I love , love, love this story!! SWOON!


  2. Simone said:

    Well damn!!! Brilliance all round and awww and Reeds wife evie 😀


  3. Caitlin said:

    Love this!!! 🙂 great job


  4. Stevee Nicole said:

    OMG girl I LOVR your castings!! Can you tell me the real names of Travis and Abby??


    1. VBB Post author said:

      I can’t remember the guy, but the girl is Elizabeth Olsen 🙂


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