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This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

Favorites from July


WESTAN DINING CHAIRS: I’m ordering these oak chairs (in black) for our dining room. I love the modern farmhouse design and the barrel back design. I think they would look fantastic around the white oak I have my eye on.

ANTIQUE CHINESE MINI WOODEN STOOL: I love worn and weathered antique wooden stools—I have one in my bedroom, one in my living room and now a mini in my dining cabinets. You can use these as layering pieces or simply as a beautiful decorative piece.

FORESTED PATH ART PIECE: This past year, I started to invest in nicer art pieces, and where possible a couple vintage, original pieces. I chose this one for our powder bath remodel and love the warm, deep tones and touch of brass in the frame. See more of my powder bath choices here.

PANIER DE SENS LIQUID SOAP: I have these soaps in all my bathrooms now. I love both the soap itself and the beautiful canister which just makes the whole space where it resides a little more elevated. I picked up the Jasmine scent for our new powder bath.

SPUN BRASS TRAY: I fell in love with this unlacquered brass tray as soon as I saw it. I love that it will patina beautifully over time. It sits on top of coffee table books and holds a stack of old, treasured family photos. I generally don’t love the clutter of displaying frames on surfaces, and found that when stacking them up in this way, especially on a coffee table, I go through them more often. Plus, they make for great conversation.

DURALEX PICARDIE GLASSES: We ordered some 12 oz glasses for lattes, but slowly we ordered more sizes and love the classic look to these. The 10 oz sizes are great for an easy pour of wine.



PINK CHECKERED HI-TOP VANS: These classic hi-top sneakers went on sale and I’m so happy I snatched them up! True to size, just make sure you pick up the correct women sizing.

DRESSES FROM H&M: This summer I have been living in dresses. They’re breezy and so easy to slip on. I’ve found several instant faves from H&M and they are fabulous! See links below for others I’ve picked up.

AERIE LEOPARD BATHING SUIT: I love this bathing suit, now on sale! It’s a wrap one-piece that’s super flattering and true to size.

MISSOMA COIN NECKLACE: Love Missoma jewelry and stumbled upon this gorgeous necklace and had to have it. I wear it so much now!



I read several outstanding books in July (see my wrapup), but these are my top three recs:

HIS & HERS: Twisty dark thriller with unreliable narrators.

THE SILENT WIFE: Really outstanding, edge-of-your seat procedural.

MEXICAN GOTHIC: Beautifully penned horror with a Mexican heroine.


This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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