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Review: Iris (#2, The Wild Side) by R.K. Lilley

My Thoughts

Sinfully seductive and provocative, this exhilarating second installment is one wild ride. The suspense consumes and the chemistry sets the pages ablaze. You won’t put this book down for a single second!




Who is Iris? Where did she come from? Where has she gone? 

Alasdair Masters has more questions than answers about his new, too young obsession, and when he finds out she’s been lying to him, from their first meeting to their last one, he’s more confused than ever about her feelings, her intentions. 

And what’s just as confusing are his own feelings. Has he turned something purely physical into something emotional in his own head? Is any of it mutual? 

The only thing he doesn’t question is whether he’ll keep going back for more. 

Me, I was simple. I was order. A very neat, efficient machine that ran on nothing but air. 

Me plus anyone else, well, that was another matter. And me plus Iris, that was a monster of a machine, with all gears going at different speeds, some spinning off their hinges, just going mad, but it was a wonderful madness, at full throttle, misfiring in all directions. 

It felt wonderful and dreadful. 
I was breaking down, and it felt amazing. 
And terrifying.

My Review

“She was soothing chaos. Like that first taste of anesthesia, before you lost your sense. Or the venom that numbed you before it killed you.”

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. You know that feeling when you are so into a book and you’re dying to know what happens… and the plot thickens, the twists get twistier, the mystery deepens and it’s so good because you feel the answers just infinitesimally out of reach, but oh-so close? It’s a wonderfully, exhilarating, suspenseful feeling… right up until it ends and you’re left with your mouth wide open, shocked and restraining a strong desire to send inappropriate messages to that story’s author! Yup. R.K. Lilley did it again. She’s woven an addictive tale I can’t seem to get enough of. I was so into this book and I left with more questions than answers. It was supremely sexy. Deliciously suspenseful. And entirely captivating. This series may be driving me mad, but mad in the best possible way. You thought The Wild Side was hot… this is hotter. You thought it was full of mystery… this takes it to another level. You thought you knew something… you don’t know anything.

Who is Iris???? 

“It was Iris, but Iris was a stranger… It was like she was a curious, wild, imaginary creature, with the pieces of her just now put together, invented for my eyes, not how I remembered at all, because even when she’d been angry, she had never been cold… Which one was the real Iris?”

Iris left Dair. Deep down, he expected that would happen. She was something different. Something wild and uncontained. A force that brought unexpected verve into his life… he knew she would be difficult to keep.

And she was full of lies.

But yet, he missed her desperately. His life had been irrevocably changed because of her and now he was acutely aware of her absence. Until one day he saw her… she met his gaze and the chaos whirled all over again. Iris was definitely Dair’s weakness. She was an addiction—an obsession he was powerless to abandon. He couldn’t say no to her. She would overpower him with her tenacity. With her touch. Her love?

“I don’t have good judgment when it comes to you…”
“Maybe good judgement is overrated. Maybe it’s time for you to be bad.”

We don’t know where Iris has been. We don’t know who she really is. We do know, however, that there is some kind of constraint that keeps her from seeing Dair as much as he’d like. We can see this affecting him at a visceral level. Iris was a drug to him. A insatiable need. She made him feel real, alive. And without her, he was bereft of all the goodness she brought. But Dair is an intelligent man, and despite the beautiful chaos she brought to his life, he needed to know more. The desire to get answers relentlessly pounded under the surface.

“It was both torment and solace to look at her again. An agonizing comfort. Me, I was simple. I was order. A very neat, efficient machine that ran on nothing but air… And me plus Iris, that was a monster of a machine, with all gears going at different speeds, some spinning off their hinges, just going mad, but it was a wonderful madness, at full throttle, misfiring in all directions.”

The dynamic between Dair and Iris is so fascinating to take in. I would say there’s a fight for control, but in reality, there isn’t much of a fight when Dair is powerless to her. She seems to want him, need him, love him, but we really don’t know if there’s truth behind her convictions. For Dair, he’s willing to take what he can get from her… limited time. Even hours. And worse yet, he can feel trouble looming. Was their last goodbye coming?

This book is on fire. It’s so hot. So suspenseful. So intriguing. R.K. Lilley expertly creates a consuming sense of collusion that is thoroughly unsettling. Duplicity and desire. Sex and seduction. Lies and love. So many things are at play, that I didn’t have a grasp of what was real and what was manipulation. And it was that intrigue that kept me devouring page after page, waiting to see what would happen next.  I anxiously await the final installment, Dair, to see how it all will end! I can’t wait!

“In a world full of lies, you were my truth.”


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