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A Look At Kaekoo Shop + Introducing The Latest Fall Design

One of my favorite shops to stock up on beautiful, unique pillows is KAEKOO SHOP. I’ve been so impressed by the creativity of the designs and quality of the pillows.  I was so excited to talk to owner Kaeley Youd about her Fall collection and how her business came to be!

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Tell us about Kekoo. How did the idea for your business spark?

Kaekoo Shop is home to one-of-kind, originally designed and handcrafted pillows. We believe each home is a carefully curated collection of pieces that tell a story of how we live and love. We create pieces that not only tell a story of their own but then become a part of yours. We believe it’s important to not only accept our individuality but embrace it. That belief contributes to the exploration of new ideas, designs, and the journey within the art of creating new textiles.

The idea was sparked when I went to shop for pillows to decorate my own home. I owned a lot of pillows before I started Kaekoo Shop but ‘that pattern’ or a color I wanted in a space felt hard to come by. I told my husband late one night, “I have this idea..” and so what you know as Kaekoo Shop started as one color block pillow, our Rosetta, which then organically evolved into eleven unique designs with 10 different color options.

The response has been great from what I’ve seen—your pillows sell out quickly after restocks! Did you ever expect this response?

That’s funny you ask, I actually didn’t sell one pillow the first week we opened our shop, haha. I started to question my little venture but felt like I should do what I loved regardless, work hard and just see where it went. We started to grow and the response after that was very humbling and we are so grateful to our customers and all the support and love sent our way.

Where did you draw inspiration for your new Fall line?

I like to draw inspiration from each season. I take the feeling you want to have when you walk into a room and try to transfer that into the design with the textures and materials I use. Whether it is a bright, fun playful pillow in the summer or a warm cozy, peaceful pillow in the Fall, there is so much inspiration within the Season itself.

So excited to debut one of your new designs today! Tell us about the pillow we are introducing!

We are introducing our newest Fall color option in our most popular pillow design Enid. This color is not only warm and inviting but sets beautifully against the others colors of Fall, burgundy, Navy Blue and Olive. Made by hand with European Linen and Vegan Leather.

I love it! I love my Enid pillow and this color is stunning! Thank you for chatting with me Kaeley. I can’t wait to shop some of these Fall pillows!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share about our little shop it’s been such a pleasure and we are so honored.

Kaekoo’s fall pillows will be available between October 5th and 7th. Stay glued to her Instagram because once she announces, they sell out fast!

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