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True Immortality

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Review + Excerpt: Kiss of Vengeance
By S. Young

Review + Excerpt: Kiss of Vengeance

“I am nothing if I am not my revenge.”

Young delivers a superb paranormal romance with a story of unexpected paths, unlikely connections and coming into one’s own.

Rose Kelly is everything Fionn Mór has been searching for—the perfect means to an end. For centuries, he’s plotted revenge against the Fae Queen who destroyed his life. Fionn was once a high king of Ireland, a respected warrior who sacrificed it all for this people. When they were on the losing side of a war against the Fae, he surrendered himself to be consort to the conniving Queen. Worse yet, those for whom he fought betrayed him, leaving him to fester in his need for vengeance.

Rose has roved across Europe, searching to fill an inexplicable void inside. One night, she’s attacked by a vampire—a violence which wrenches her into a supernatural world she never knew existed and unleashes powers she never knew she had.

Fionn seems to have the answers Rose seeks, while Rose is his key to re-open the gates to Faerie. Making matters more urgent, people are after Rose and Fionn must protect her, for now.

“Fionn was a stranger.
Even if he didn’t feel like one.
Even if he felt like that elusive something she’d been searching for her whole life.”

As a connection grows between them, Fionn battles his emotions, but is determined to follow through on his plan. When Rose uncovers the truth, however, the plan upends and Fionn must make an impossible choice.

Young weaves a narrative brimming with tension and passion. While the love story is a slow burn, there’s never a dull moment with all the action and sexy banter. It’s a world that’s sure draw you in, with characters old and new forging bonds which promise to thread through the next installment.

It had been awhile since I’d read a paranormal romance, but Young reignited my love for the genre. Spellbinding from the first page to the last, this is one sizzling, supernatural love story you shouldn’t miss.

Rose didn’t know how long the battle had been going when Fionn’s blade caught Kiyo’s forearm. The sight and smell of blood made the crowd surge.

Kiyo’s lips parted in a growl, baring unnaturally long canines. Two hands gripped on the hilt of his sword, he spun into a jump, a blur of elegant movement, and brought his blade crashing down against Fionn’s with such force, the fae stumbled.

Rose let out a little gasp, instinctually stepping toward him, and to her utter surprise, Fionn’s concerned gaze flew to hers in the crowd.

He’d heard her gasp.

His expression pinched in pain as Kiyo took advantage of his distraction and cut a slice through Fionn’s pants at the thigh.

With a growl of aggression, he returned his focus to the werewolf while Rose was thankful the cut was covered by his suit pants so the supes wouldn’t see it heal unnaturally fast.

Kiyo’s was no longer dripping blood, but it was healing at a slower rate than hers or Fionn’s would.

How had Fionn escaped questions about this in his previous fights? Unless Kiyo was the first to make a mark on him?

So many questions. She always had so many questions, even she was exhausted by the continual onslaught.

A little while later, an awed female voice said, “They’ve been fighting for an hour.”

Rose blinked. She’d been so lost watching the fight, she hadn’t realized that much time had passed. She cast a look over her shoulder at the speaker and saw it was a short, curvy blond. Her hand was held in the tight grip of a stocky redheaded male. Just looking at them, at any of the supes in the crowd, Rose didn’t know what they were. She wondered if there was a way to tell a vamp from a werewolf when they weren’t flashing their fangs …

Another question for Fionn.

If this fight ever ended.

It was then she heard what sounded like a sniff.

Sniff, sniff, sniff at her neck.

A prickling sensation followed; her heart began to race and a weird sense of dread filled her belly.

She knew that sensation.

“The racing heart, the dread in the gut … they’re warning signs. Of coming danger. You feel those things, you get ready to fight or to flee.”

Holy crap.

Rose glanced over her shoulder and saw the blond and the redhead were now eyeing her with their silver gazes. Vampires.

The blond sniffed the air in front of Rose and hunger flashed in those strange eyes. “What are you?”

Uneasy but determined not to show it, Rose sneered. “None of your fucking business.” Proud her voice had remained strong, she pushed through the crowd, away from the vampire couple, hoping they’d lose interest.

Unfortunately, the telltale feelings weren’t easing up.

Worry filled Rose. She wasn’t afraid she couldn’t take on two vampires; she was afraid she didn’t have enough control over her powers to hide what she was in a room filled with supernaturals.

A strong hand wrapped around her wrist and Rose spun, ready to fight.

Fionn stared down at her, anger etched in his expression.

His face shiny and his torso slick with sweat, he examined her body, clinically, like he was checking for harm. The crowds had melted away from her, murmuring quietly.

Then Fionn cocked his head, like he’d scented something. He whipped his head around, sword soaring up to just scrape the chin of the redheaded vamp.

His bloodsucking companion stood stiff and wide-eyed at his side.

“Take one more step and I’ll cut off your fucking head,” Fionn warned, his Irish accent pronounced.

The redhead raised his arms defensively. “We just wanted to know what she is. No harm meant.”

“You were hunting her. I saw.” He pressed the tip of the sword deeper, blood seeping out.

“Like I said, no harm meant.” The vamp licked his lips nervously, his eyes no longer silver but still hungry as they moved to Rose. “She smells good. What is she?”

A shift moved through the crowd, and Rose’s heart pounded faster, harder as she felt the change in the air. All focus was on her. They were curious. That, mixed with the bloodlust in the air, began a frenzy of murmurings.

They all wanted to know what she was.

Fionn turned toward them, putting Rose at his back. “She’s mine!” His voice rang through the room.

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