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Review: Kat Von D Lash Liner

More than a regular line on the lid, I super dig a dark black waterline, especially on the bottom of the eye. I was so excited to hear Kat Von D Beauty was launching its new LASH LINER. Since I absolutely love their TATTOO EYE LINER, I hoped to find another ride-or-die liner.

LASH LINER is the first ever liquid formula specifically designed for the waterline and is said to be long-wear and water resistant. Promises no running, smudging or raccoon eyes.

The hybrid fluid-gel formula contains clay binding ingredients for a richer, darker payoff designed to stand up to watery eyes. The formula sets in 15 seconds for all-day wear.

My experience

The applicator is very comfortable and absorbs a lot of formula. I swiped off some excess and a first application really gives you nice, dark pigment. I found that drying your waterline a bit with your finger helps prevent initial runniness. After the first pass dries, I applied a second coat and waited for that to dry too. Despite best efforts, some of the formula did run into my eye and it stung just a little… but no biggie.

The first few times I used it, I saw smudges in both the inner and outer corner of the eye. Even with a pencil, some of that was bound to happen, so I wanted a side-by-side, full-day comparison.

Over the weekend I used the ANASTASIA DARKSIDE gel pencil liner on one eye, and the LASH LINER on the other. After a few hours, there were again black smudges on the inner and outer eye corners with LASH LINER, while the pencil-lined eye remained clean.

Midday, there was again a smudge on the outer corner of the LASH LINER eye, but this time there was also some slight smudging with the pencil liner. The pigment was equally dark on both eyes… no apparent difference there.

By evening, I was convinced… I’m just not impressed with LASH LINER. It ran more as compared to the eye lined with the pencil, and by the end of the day, the eye with LASH LINER stung a bit. The pigment is dark, the applicator is nice, but I had hoped the formula would be as amazing as TATTOO EYE LINER, sadly it was not.

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