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Nicholas Hunt is the man I hate.
For good reason.

His opinion of me is tainted by prejudice even before my arrival at his grandmother’s estate, and my first impression of him is just as abysmal.

His arrogance and icy demeanor make it clear that he’s the type of man who’s best handled at a distance.

Fortunately, space shouldn’t be an issue inside this Gilded Age mansion and its lush gardens. If I stick with the servants and he keeps to his sailboat and vintage Porsche, we should hardly cross paths at all. Unfortunately, at Rosethorn, I find that all roads eventually lead to Nicholas Hunt.

Sparks fly as we spar at the dinner table. Fighting words are flung in the shadows of the palatial halls.

We hang suspended in our hatred of one another, painfully oblivious to the heat and tension that build with every moment we’re left alone. We’re liable to kill one another, I think…right up until my eyes land on his lips and a new feeling grips hold of me: lust.

What’s worse?
He knows it.

They say you should keep your enemies close, but when Nicholas tightens his grip on my waist and draws me near, I’m not sure if it’s out of loathing or love.

One thing’s for sure—I intend to find out.

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Love The One You Hate
By R.S. Grey

Review: Love The One You Hate

With LOVE THE ONE YOU HATE, R.S. Grey does it again with a sizzling, unputdownable enemies-to-lovers romance.

The story brims with emotion, tension and chemistry, all woven together thoughtfully in Grey’s signature style.

We meet Maren Mitchell, who grew up in foster care and struggles to make ends meet while working at a nursing home. There she collides with the elegant Cornelia, who offers her a less-than-typical job at her estate. Before she knows it, Maren is swept into a gilded life completely unfamiliar—lush gardens, brand-name clothes, social events with the elite, gowns and trips and household staff. Unsettled already, her insecurities roar inside, made worse by Cornelia’s striking grandson who is hell-bent on driving her out.

“I don’t know him, but he’s staring at me like he knows me. Like he hates me.”

Nicholas Hunt holds nothing back when it comes to his grandmother, and that includes the new girl who is taking advantage of her generosity. But the more he knows her, the more confused he is by her, by her intentions. Hateful words are slung across the dinner table, in quiet corners hidden from prying eyes. Before too long, however, animosity morphs into something else entirely, both drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. But when Maren’s past re-surfaces, will she fall back into a life she knows? Or will Nicholas take the opportunity to rid their lives of her once and for all?

Page after page I was rapt by a story that felt like a modern fairy tale. And while I loved the romance with all its delicious volatility, it was the relationship between Maren and Cornelia that shone brightly. There was a warmth, a realness that made their connection palpable—a profoundness that drew you in from the very beginning.

A compelling story about the families you forge and one of my favorites from R.S. Grey.

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