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The #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Identity presents a suspenseful new novel of tragedy and trauma, love and family, and the evil that awaits.

As they do each June, the Foxes have driven the winding roads of Appalachia to drop off their children for a two-week stay at their grandmother’s. Here, twelve-year-old Thea can run free and breathe in the smells of pine and fresh bread and Grammie’s handmade candles. But as her parents head back to suburban Virginia, they have no idea they’re about to cross paths with a ticking time bomb.

Back in Kentucky, Thea and her grandmother Lucy both awaken from the same nightmare. And though the two have never discussed the special kind of sight they share, they know as soon as their tearful eyes meet that something terrible has happened.

The kids will be staying with Grammie now in Redbud Hollow, and thanks to Thea’s vision, their parents’ killer will spend his life in supermax. Over time, Thea will make friends, build a career, find love. But that ability to see into minds and souls still lurks within her, and though Grammie calls it a gift, it feels more like a curse—because the inmate who shattered her childhood has the same ability. Thea can hear his twisted thoughts and witness his evil acts from miles away. He knows it, and hungers for vengeance. A long, silent battle will be waged between them—and eventually bring them face to face, and head to head…

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Romantic Suspense

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Review: Mind Games
By Nora Roberts

Review: Mind Games

Through an unlikely connection, a woman and her parent’s murderer battle it out in a dangerous duel of the minds.

Every June, John and Cora Fox drop off their two children—Thea and Rem—for a much-anticipated two-week stay with Cora’s mom, “Grammie” Lucy in Redbud Hollow, Kentucky. There, in beautiful Appalachia, the kids run free, help Grammie make soaps and candles for her business, and eat an abundance of delicious home-cooked meals. One night, Lucy and Thea awaken from a terrible real-life nightmare, knowing John and Cora have been murdered back in Virginia.

Lucy and Thea share a special kind of sight passed down through the women of Lucy’s family. Twelve-year-old Thea’s sight is particularly strong, as she helplessly watched every moment of her parent’s murder. Thanks to Thea, they catch the psychopathic killer—Ray Riggs—who gets sent to a supermax prison.

But Ray also shares the sight, and knows it was Thea that ruined everything for him. Promising vengeance, he weaponizes his own psychic ability by tormenting Thea year after year. As Thea becomes an adult, takes on a career as a successful game designer, and falls in love, Ray Riggs is always there, darkening the hope of a peaceful, happy life. As his anger and vengeance reaches a fever pitch, Thea’s life begins to fray, and she plots a perilous plan to sever their mental connection once and for all.

With MIND GAMES, Roberts once again delivers an immersive story with beloved, richly penned characters. Suspenseful and moving in equal measure, the narrative explores themes of family, grief, and love.

So good I didn’t want it to end!

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