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Introducing Antonia Scott—the most compelling and original detective since Lisbeth Salander—in Juan Gómez-Jurado’s Red Queen, the #1 international award-winning bestseller & thriller that has taken the world by storm.

Antonia Scott—the daughter of a British diplomat and a Spanish mother—has a gifted forensic mind, whose ability to reconstruct crimes and solve baffling murders is legendary. But after a personal trauma, she’s refused to continue her work or even leave her apartment.

Jon Gutierrez, a police officer in Bilbao—disgraced, suspended, and about to face criminal charges—is offered a chance to salvage his career by a secretive organization that works in the shadows to direct criminal investigations of a highly sensitive nature. All he has to do is succeed where many others have failed: Convince a recalcitrant Antonia to come out of her self-imposed retirement, protecting her and helping her investigate a new, terrifying case.

The case is a macabre, ritualistic murder—a teen-aged boy from a wealthy family whose body was found without a drop of blood left in it. But the murder is just the start. A high-ranking executive and daughter of one of the richest men in Spain is kidnapped, a crime which is tied to the previous murder. Behind them both is a hidden mastermind with even more sinister plans. And the only person with a chance to see the connections, solve the crimes and successfully match wits with the killer before tragedy strikes again…is Antonia Scott.


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Review: Red Queen
By Juan Gómez-Jurado

Review: Red Queen

An unlikely duo partner to solve a ritualistic crime in this exciting Spanish thriller.

We meet disgraced Inspector Jon Gutiérrez, who faces criminal charges for planting evidence. Suspended and with his career at a precipice, he gets a lifeline from a secret organization should he convince the reclusive Antonia Scott to come out of her retirement. Antonia is “the smartest person in the world,” touting a gifted forensic mind and perfect recall. Fraught with personal trauma, she contemplates suicide for exactly three minutes a day, and never leaves the confines of her barren apartment.

It’s the macabre and ritualistic murder of a teen boy that rouses interest and awakens her gift. Left without a drop of blood, Jon and Antonia forge a tremulous partnership to track down the sinister mastermind. Then the daughter of one of the richest men in Spain is kidnapped, and a connection to the murder escalates their search.

Across and below the Spanish streets a chase ensues, as dueling investigative groups clash, and time begins to expire.

Echoes of Lisbeth Salander resound in the fascinating, brilliantly minded Antonia, but it’s the motley pairing of her and Jon that shines. That dynamic, coupled with dark humor and the propulsive, frenetic pacing of the narrative, make this a fresh, fun and addictive thriller to read.

Red Queen (Reina Roja) is the first of a trilogy, so the good news is that there’s more to come—Loba Negra (Black Wolf) and Rey Blanco (White King). I’m already excited!

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