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Get the YA scoop on the 2016 Romantic Times (RT) Convention!


Less than a month until this year’s RT Convention kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada! SO MUCH IS HAPPENING!!! You won’t believe the epic lineup of YA authors in attendance, plus the fun-filled and informative panels planned. Add to that games, a huge signing and an unbelievable Teen Day, and there’s no place better to be if you’re a YA reader like me!

Here are a few snapshots from last year’s event, you can also check out more pics in Kami’s 2015 RT Photo Diary.

I’ve been there the past couple of years and this year, I’m helping track-leader extraordinaire Kami Garcia, so I’ve got the inside scoop on the festivities to come! Here’s what you need to know:

More than 100 YA authors will be there, including:

Adi Alsaid Jamie McGuire Marie Rutkoski
Aimee Salter Jen Klein Mary E. Pearson
Alexandra Bracken Jenna Black Michelle Knudsen
Alys Arden Jenna Lincoln Michelle Levy
Amanda Hocking Jenna Malone Morgan Rhodes
Amelie Howard Jennifer Jenkins Natalie C. Parker
Amy Bartol Jennifer L. Armentrout Natalie Decker
Amy Plum Jennifer Salvato Doktorski Page Morgan
Andrea Cremer Jennifer Watts Pintip Dunn
Ann Aguirre Jess Petosa Rachel E. Carter
Anna Todd Jessica Cluess Rachel Harris
Bethany Hagen Jessica Love Rachel Higginson
Brenda Drake Jodi Meadows Rachel Van Dyken
Brendan Reichs Julie Moffett Rae Carson
Brodi Ashton Julie Murphy Rebecca Donovan
C.C. Hunter Julie Reece Renee Ahdieh
C.J. Redwine K.A. Linde Renee Collins
Cameo Renae K.C. Held Richelle Mead
Cate Dean Kami Garcia Rosalyn Eves
Catherine Steine Kass Morgan Rosamund Hodge
Cecilia Ahern Kate Brauning Roxanna Rose
Charlene A. Wilson Katherin Harbour Sandy Hall
Charlie N. Holmberg Kathryn Rose Sara York
Chelsea Krost Katie McGarry Sarah J. Schmitt
Cinda Williams Chima Kelly Fiore Scarlett Kol
Cindy Pon Kiera Cass Shaila Patel
Colleen Houck Kimberley Griffiths Little Shannon Dermott
Courtney C. Stevens Kimberly Derting Sharon M. Johnston
Cynthia Hand Kody Keplinger Shawnte Borris
Cynthia Vespia KR Wilburn Sona Charaipotra
D.M. Marlowe Kresley Cole Sophie Jordan
Dana Elmendorf L.H. Nicole Stacey Kade
Danielle Paige Lauren Oliver Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Debra Driza Lea Nolan Susane Colasanti
Delilah Dawon Leah Scheier Tamora Pierce
Dhonielle Clayton Lindsay Cummings Tessa Elwood
Elizabeth Briggs Lisa Brown Roberts Veronica Rossi
Ellen Hopkins Lisa Maxwell Vicki Leigh
Erica Cameron Liz Czukas Victoria Aveyard
Gayle Parness Lucy D. Briand Wendy Higgins
Ginger Scott M.D. Waters Wendy Knight
Gretchen McNeil M.S.L.R. Zoraida Cordova
Gwenda Bond Mari Mancusi


*Please note this list is subject to change.

We have great YA panels you won’t want to miss

Starting next Monday, March 21st, around midday, we’ll be posting a daily graphic on the RT Teen page (← which you need to make sure to LIKE) that will reveal a panel (title, day, time) along with participating authors. Mark these down on your calendar NOW… you’ll want to be there!


We’ll have some games

Along with the panels, we’re keeping things fun with some not-to-miss mega games featuring some amazing authors. We’ll be posting that information on the RT Teen page too. (Hint: Don’t forget to pack your wand!)


As I mentioned above, more than 100 of the biggest YA authors will be at this year’s incredible Teen Day event, which will happen just after RT’s signature GIANT BOOK FAIR!!!

You can chat with authors, play games, plus, thanks to our generous sponsors (Fierce Reads, Swoon Reads, Epic Reads and Random House’s First In Line) any under-18 participants get a BAG OF STUFFED AWESOMENESS!!!!

rt bag

Get more scoop on Why Teen Day Is The Greatest here.

So now that you have the scoop on what to expect and when, THERE’S MORE! I’ve got some great books to giveaway!

Signed Giveaway

2 winners will each get signed copies of After and Before by Anna Todd; 1 winner will get a signed copy of The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout; 1 winner will get a signed copy of The Lovely Reckless by Kami Garcia; 1 winner will get a signed copy of Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige. That means there will be 5 winners in total; U.S. only entrants; winners announced on RT Teen Page Friday, March 25th.

To enter:
(click on each requirement below)

rt giveaway


✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

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