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Top 10 Picks: Spring’s Most Anticipated Thrillers

2021 promises some really exciting new thrillers and already I am so excited to get my greedy, crime junkie hands on some of these books! From political thrillers to serial killer sagas and hair-raising horror, here are the books I’m most excited to read this Spring, from this point on.


    The fifty-second installment in one of my all-time favorite series—this time, Lieutenant Eve Dallas, Peabody and team are on the search for the killer of a young sculptor. What first looks to be a simple crime of passion morphs into something far more sinister.

    What makes these books so amazing is that you get the procedural puzzle, the fascinating characters, the friendships, and the romance all in each book. If you’ve not read this series, definitely start at the beginning with NAKED IN DEATH.


  • QUIET IN HER BONES | Nalini Singh

    A thriller set in New Zealand which begins with the disappearance of socialite Nina Rai. Everyone dismissed it as another wealthy wife tired of her husband, but when her bones are found in the surrounding forest, her son Aarav is determined to uncover the truth behind what happened to his mother.

    Can’t wait to read the multilayered mystery Singh is sure to deliver, with fascinating explorations of class and privilege.



    I became a fan of Griffiths when I read THE STRANGER DIARIES and I can’t wait to see the story she delivers with this upcoming literary suspense. The novel starts with the death of a ninety-year-old woman with a heart condition. Nothing suspicious… until her caretaker finds dozens of crime books signed to her. Stories with connections to the writers across Scotland who are being targeted. Those investigating must figure out the connection if they’re to stop more murders from happening.

    Love the premise, and always love reading books with a literary slant!


  • EVERY LAST FEAR | Alex Finlay

    A family makes headlines when they are found dead under suspicious circumstances. Their surviving son, Matt, must now uncover the truth of what really happened.  This is not the first time Matt’s family is in the news, though… his older brother is in prison for murdering his girlfriend, and Matt’s been keeping a secret about that night.  Worse yet, as he digs, it seems the two cases might be connected.

    This promises to be a thriller rife with unexpected twists and I can’t wait.


  • THE LOST VILLAGE | Camilla Sten

    From Scandinavian author Sten comes a new book which sounds wonderfully chilling and is pitted as “The Blair Witch Project meets Midsommar.” A documentary filmmaker sets out to make a film about what really happened when all the residents of an old mining town vanished—all except for a woman stoned to death and an abandoned newborn. But not long after the film crew sets up camp, mysterious things start to happen and people start to go missing.

    Sounds so good, so chilling, and so excited about this one.

    March 23 | PRE-ORDER

  • YOU LOVE ME | Caroline Kepnes

    Kepnes is back with a new You installment and I am so looking forward to seeing what our favorite psychopath is up to as he moves to the Pacific Northwest. There he meets a local librarian and begins to imagine their life together (as Joe does).  Trouble is, she’s busy, she’s a mom, but Joe is confident that with just a little time,  she’ll see the same future he envisions for them both… or else.

    Every book in this series is sharp, darkly humorous, and entirely absorbing—no doubt this one will be too.


  • THE NEXT WIFE | Kaira Rouda

    Rouda (BEST DAY EVER) is back for a wickedly fun tale of revenge. A “perfect marriage” crumbles when a man leaves his wife for a woman half his age. But the next wife begins to have suspicions of her own and fears the ex will stop at nothing to get her husband back, unless, she’s one step ahead. But what happens next is entirely unexpected in this chilling, nail-biting thriller. Sign me up!


  • WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS | Stacey Abrams

    I am admittedly a huge, adoring fan of Abrams and am so curious to read her new book. It’s been years since I’ve read political thrillers (was a huge John Grisham fan back in the day), and excited to give this sub-genre a go again, especially with a story written by Abrams. The novel begins when a young law clerk, Avery Keene, is given power of attorney from a Justice who’s fallen into a coma. Avery uncovers the Justice was researching a controversial case, and the more she digs, the more she unravels something far more sinister that puts her in peril.

    May 11 | PRE-ORDER

  • THE MAIDENS | Alex Michaelides

    Michaelides (THE SILENT PATIENT) promises a captivating tale of suspense “weaving together Greek mythology, murder and obsession” — I mean how amazing does that sound already?!

    A brilliant but troubled group therapist is sure a Greek tragedy professor is a murderer, especially after a friend’s niece (a student) is found murdered. Soon enough, she begins to uncover something sinister that continues to lead her to the story of Persephone, the maiden, and her journey to the underworld.


  • SURVIVE THE NIGHT | Riley Sager

    Any novel from Sager will always make the cut on my most-anticipated picks! His latest takes place in the 90s and begins when Charlie shares a ride with a stranger she met via the campus ride board, on the long ride home to Ohio. Charlie is grappling with the recent murder of her best friend—the third victim of the man known as the “Campus Killer.” The more time she spends with John, the driver, the more her suspicions lead her to wonder if she’s riding with the serial killer herself.

    Already getting goosebumps. Is it June yet?!


This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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