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Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac return in Robotham’s latest psychological thriller, which finally unlocks the secrets of Evie’s past and reaffirms why Stephen King has proclaimed this author “an absolute master.”

The mystery of Evie Cormac’s background has followed her into adulthood. As a child, she was discovered hiding in a secret room where a man had been tortured to death. Many of her captors and abusers escaped justice, unseen but not forgotten. Now, on a hot summer’s day, the past drags Evie back as she watches the bodies of seventeen migrants wash up on a Lincolnshire beach.

There is only one survivor, a teenage boy, who tells police their small boat was deliberately rammed and sunk. Psychologist Cyrus Haven is recruited by the police to investigate the murders—but recognizes immediately that Evie has some link to the tragedy. By solving this crime, he could finally unlock the secrets of her past. But what dark forces will he set loose? And who will pay the price?

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Review: Storm Child
By Michael Robotham

Review: Storm Child

Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven investigates a mass murder, unlocking the forgotten past of Evie Cormac, the young woman he’s informally adopted.

Seventeen bodies wash ashore while Cyrus and Evie spend a day at the beach. Only a young boy survives, claiming the boat carrying Middle Eastern migrants was deliberately sunk. As Cyrus steps in to help, the incident triggers something in Evie—a connection to her forgotten past. When the surviving boy is later found dead, it’s clear danger lurks nearby.

Cyrus and Evie travel to Scotland to unravel the clues about Evie’s past and uncover the identity of ‘the Ferryman’—a man rumored to control human trafficking across the channel. Both are shaped by past tragedies: Cyrus’s brother killed his parents and sisters, and Evie was trafficked and tortured. As they untangle the dangerous truths in these connected incidents, they continue to explore their delicate, unique relationship.

Robotham’s latest is propulsive, gripping, and brilliantly twisty. The narrative deepens our understanding of Evie and her nuanced relationship with Cyrus. He’s intent on helping her heal, and together they navigate the intricacies of having someone safe and dependable in their lives. Their interplay is compelling, and their evolution over four years is poignant.

If you’re new to the series, start with GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL. If you’ve been along for the ride, you’ll devour this fantastic fourth installment.

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