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The Scoop On Lularoe

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Lularoe began with DeAnne Stidham looking for a way stay at home with her children and provide for her family. She started working with wholesalers to liquidate end-of-season dresses, and slowly but surely was able to build her own company and launch Lularoe (pronounced Lu-La-Row).

Lularoe is sold only through Facebook groups and parties, helping to empower women to be their own boss while selling great-looking, comfortable clothes. I first started seeing Lularoe leggings on social media a couple months ago. I noted how people gushed about how comfortable they were, displaying all sorts of fun patterns in their pictures. I finally decided to give them a try, and truthfully, I never expected how crazy and intense scoring some leggings would be!

I joined a few Facebook groups and tried to swipe some leggings by commenting on photo posts. These leggings would sell in seconds. After I got a little quicker, a little wiser, I bought some leggings and fell in love with them once they arrived. I love how butter soft they are. I love the yoga band fit. And I love the fun patterns (only 1000 of each pattern are made). One pair led to another pair, and not very long after, I was able to try on some of their other clothes such as the Amelia and Nicole dresses and the Madison and Lucy skirts!

I was hooked.

I am hooked.

Here are some pieces from their collection…

Amelia Dress

Lularoe Amelia dress Lularoe Amelia 2

This is my favorite piece of their entire collection. The fit is so flattering for any body type!!! The stretchy knit fabric makes it supremely comfy to wear, while the construction of the dress—including the pleated skirt—makes the look sophisticated and put together. Short sleeves and falls to around the knee. And pockets!!!!

Please note there are generally two types of fabric… a thicker jacquard fabric and a thinner fabric. I recommend going with your usual size in the thinner fabric, and going up a size with the thicker. Always ask your consultant about which type of fabric you’re dealing with when buying a dress.

Style Tip: Style it with a belt and tights for the fall. Pair with chunky combat boots for a grungy look or booties for a sophisticated, polished look. I’ve worn it with cardigans and denim jackets, or with a chunky piece of jewelry like Kendra Scott’s Harlow necklace or a fabulous scarf.

Nicole Dress

LUlaroe Nicole Dress Lularoe Nicole

The Nicole dress is just as comfortable and fun as the Amelia, but it’s longer, falling below the knee to around mid/high calf. The sleeves are 3/4 length and the skirt falls a bit flatter (no pleats), but has the same flirty twirl to it. I have one of these too and I love it!

Style Tip: Similar to the Amelia, add a belt for a polished look, and throw on a denim jacket or a longer pendant necklace to style.

Madison Skirt

Lularoe Madison Skirt Lularoe Madison

This is basically the bottom half of the Amelia Dress, with everything you love including the pleats and the pockets!

Style Tip: Pair this voluminous skirt with a more form-fitting top or tank, add a regular or even longer cardigan for a fresh, fall look.

Julia Dress

Lularoe Julia Dress Lularoe Julia

With the feel of a comfy, over-sized shirt but in a wonderfully cut style, the Julia dress is ideal for those looking for a form-fitting dress. I think it’s a fab dress for layering with a denim jacket or sweater.

Style Tip: This is an awesome dress for layering. I love the look of the Julia paired with a tailored blazer for work, or a comfy, drapey cardigan to juxtapose the tighter fitting silhouette.

Maxi Skirt

Lularoe Maxi Skirt Lularoe Maxi

This is the idea skirt to rock that super fab Bohemian look. Comfortable, stylish and so easy to style.

Style Tip: You can practically wear any top with this skirt. Drapey sweaters with one of Target’s favorite tanks looks great!

Cassie Skirt

Lularoe Cassie skirt Lularoe Cassie

The Cassie skirt makes the pencil skirt so much more fun with lots of great patterns and a flattering waistband. It’s a great, go-to-work skirt!

Style Tip: Pair a tank and cardie with this form-fitting pencil skirt and add some booties or heels, and you’re ready to go. I also love the idea of a crisp, button-down shirt with a statement necklace.


Lularoe Leggings pic Lularoe Leggings TC

Leggings!!! What everyone clamors for. So incredibly soft that it’s a heartbreak to consider taking these off, ever. Dress them up, dress them down, use them as PJs… you will love them. In addition to the comfort, they come in a million different patterns, making it easy to get hooked like the rest of us. There are two types of waist bands: elastic and yoga band. I’ve only ever tried yoga band and I love them (but my bestie prefers elastic… so there you go)! There are two adult sizes too—One Size (OS) which fits sizes 2 to 12, and Tall & Curvy (TC) which fits sizes 12 to 22 (I know the sizing chart says 10 to 22 for TC, but I think it’s really 12+… if you’re in the middle, go with TC).

Style Tip: The Fall is a great time to don some leggings, especially with all the long pull-over sweaters and cardigans you can wear. I’ve worn my leggings with the longer layering tank (from Target) and a long cardigan. I’ve worn them with a longer sweater and scarf. You can also try styling them with a button-down shirt (think versatile denim!), or with LLR’s own Irma top or Perfect tee. Tall boots look amazing with the leggings, of course, or dress them down with some Converse sneakers.


There are more pieces to the Lularoe collection (almost all shown below) and you should definitely check them out here. There is also a new Sarah duster cardigan that just went up for sale this week. Click each photo below to see the individual looks. I can’t wait to keep trying the different pieces!

Sizing and Pricing

Lularoe gives consultant guidance and a minimum cost, but consultants ultimately decide on the price, so you’ll see a bit of a range for each piece. In terms of sizing, see below. Note what I mentioned on the Amelia dress, and on the Irma top, buy one to two sizes smaller.


How and Where to Shop

Lularoe is sold through Facebook groups and scheduled parties (both online and in person). Search Lularoe in your Facebook search box and join the groups (here are a few of my faves: Sin City | Austin | Danielle Amelia | Lularoe Lane). Usually, there is a pinned post that will give you instructions for that group, as well as let you know when inventory is going up for sale. When the sale starts, follow the instructions to bid on your item of choice. Usually it’s the word SOLD and your email address. Photos are *typically* posted to albums, so you can start refreshing when you find the right album cover. Invoices are sent out quickly and delivery is soon after. And comment quickly, they go FAST!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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