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The Perfect Ballet Flat: Tieks by Gavrieli

Most of you know I’ve totally obsessed with Tieks. I love ballet flats and these are the absolute best. My confession is this…

I want to buy ALL the Tieks.

They are the MOST comfortable flat you’ll ever wear.

A couple years ago Tieks came up on my newsfeed and after clicking on their site, was in a trance browsing through all the pretty colorful shoes. I wanted them. Badly. But let’s face it, these are expensive shoes, so I closed out of my browser. And then, every once and awhile, I would open that website again, and pine over which color I would order.  Fast forward these two years, I had recently mentioned Tieks to my BFF and while on the phone and drinking wine one night, she impuslively hit order before me. Of course that meant that I immediately had to follow (budget be damned) and we both opened our brand-new pair of fabulous flats two days later—shipping super fast.

We fell in love.

They shoes—lavender—were amazingly comfortable, melding to my foot like a second very stylish skin. On top of that, the colors were so pretty and girly, that shortly after, I ordered my second pair—fuschia.

The thing about these ballet flats are that they are the most comfortable shoe that I’ve ever owned. Their sleek design, enticing colors, and all-day comfort make it an easy and well-worth splurge.

What’s So Special?

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Split-sole design: The foldable split-sole design features non-skid rubber outsole patches in signature Tiek Blue. The thick padding of the space foam cushion ensures a safe and comfortable heel strike. Plus, the brown leather midsole is treated to be both flexible and durable, allowing the shoe to mold to the foot and flex while you walk.

Quality leather: Tieks are made from 100% premium, soft, full-grain leather. The upper of each pair of Tieks comes from a single piece of leather. The upper is designed to wrap around the foot to slim and elongate it.

Comfy Cushion: The back of your Tieks are cushioned rather than elasticized to ensure your Tieks are never too tight.

Out-of-Box Experience

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Each pair of Tieks arrives in a Tieks Blue box adorned with a sparkly flower. Inside the box you’ll find a small black pouch to fold up and store your flats. You also get a blue reusable tote for your heels.

Easy switching, easy storing.


Oh the colors!!! They are so enticing! Glittery! Shiny! 57 different styles! Use the color spectrum to navigate to the color of your choice… patterned, patent or matte, the colors will give your outfit a noticeable pop. You can also learn more about how they achieve these pretty hues here.


Sizes are true to your usual size. If you are a half size, they recommend you go down to the next full size, unless you sometimes go up a size or have a wide foot.


♥ Have fun picking out your own pair!

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This post contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll receive a small commission should you purchase using those links. All opinions expressed are my own. I receive no compensation for reviews.

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  1. ToryBri said:

    Great post about these amazing flats. I’m like you. I’ve been thinking about getting a pair for about 2 years but have yet to do so. I keep checking the website to look at all the great colors that are available. Lavender will for sure be the first color I get. The only thing hold me back from getting a pair is the making sure of the proper size. This might sound a bit odd but I am a men’s size 8 1/2 which converts to a women’s size 10 or 10 1/2. Since Tieks don’t come in half sizes I’m not sure if the 10’s would work or if I should go for an 11. I would really like to try a pair on to make sure I know what size I need. Once I have the right size I’m sure there will be several pairs heading my way.

    Great post, thanks for sharing.


    1. Becca said:

      ToryBri, I’m a woman’s solid 10.5. I ordered an 11 and a 10 and the 10’s were too small. They pushed on my big toes and created pain. The 11’s are perfect. I’d try both and send one back. I love my Tieks and now have them in mutliple colors. Good luck!


      1. ToryBri said:

        Hi Becca, thanks for the info about the Tieks sizing, that is very helpful. As I mentioned I’d like to get the Lavender color but I’m also wanting the Mint Green and possible the Ballerina Pink. Now with this sizing info I think it’s time to get my first pair. I’m so excited 🙂


        1. Kelly said:

          Hi ToryBri! I’ve had my Tieks (Cardinal Red!) for about a week now, and I LOVE them! I’m usually a 9.5, so I ordered a 9, as the site recommend. Just like Becca, when going down a size, they were too small. The website makes it very easy to order a replacement size – they’ll ship your new pair (2-day free shipping) and let you hang on to what you originally ordered for two weeks without charging your card. You just stick the prepaid return label on the box of the pair you’d like to return and drop the in the mail. Very simple! Hope you enjoy your Tieks! 🙂


          1. ToryBri said:

            Hi Kelly. Congrats on getting your Tieks. The Cardinal Red is such a deep rich color. I think that’s another color on my “want list.” Thanks for all the sizing and shipping info. I live in Canada so there is a shipping cost it’s not free like in the USA but I do travel to the US several times a year. I will take your sizing advise and order a size 11 on my next trip. The only hard part is choosing which color to get first. Realistically because I am a guy, black or brown would be the best colors for me but I think I’ll still get the Lavender color first. They would just “POP” paired with skinny jeans or shorts.

            What color are you getting next?

  2. VBB Post author said:

    All the colors are sooo great!!! I love my lavender Tieks… they were my first actually, and of course wear my blacks almost daily. I just recently bought Rose Gold and I love them!!!


    1. ToryBri said:

      I LOVE looking thru the Tieks website at all the fun colors. Of course everytime I do I see another color I want but I am going to get the Lavender ones first. 🙂 I really like the rose gold color too, I have a pair of Tory Burch flats in rose gold. I have a picture of them on my blog if your interested in seeing them.



  3. Danielle said:

    Do the light colored ones get dirty??


    1. VBB Post author said:

      My friend has the light grey ones and any dirt just wipes off. You can see dirty any more on these than on any other regular shoes.


  4. Nikki said:

    Can anyone provide info on the amount they stretch. I just got the red ones and I had them send me a size 8 and size 9… I actually have both on my feet right now. I feel like the 8’s are a tad too small and the 9’s are a tad too big. If they stretch the 8’s would be perfect and the 9’s too big… but I don’t want to make an investment without knowing which way to go… so bummed ;(


    1. VBB Post author said:

      The give and mold to your foot, but mine haven’t stretched a TON. If you feel like they are too tight, I would definitely go up a size!


    2. Amy said:

      This may be too late to help you, but I am an 8 in every shoe. I ordered an 8 & a 9 in Tieks. The 9 showed WAY too much toe cleavage…just too big. The 8 felt too small. (I know…I sound just like Goldilocks) But after wearing the 8 around the house all day today (with some nice thick socks on) and heating them up with the hair dryer while manually stretching them out, I think the 8’s are going to be great!


  5. Sondra Smith said:

    Never heard of these shoes before! Do they sell in Dept. Stores?


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