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Thea Landry has always known her place in modern-day society. It’s somewhere just above the trash can her mother dumped her in as a newborn but below the class where much comes easy. With her tattered shoes and bargain-bin clothes, her life has never been full of glamour.

So when a rich and charismatic man takes interest, she doesn’t fool herself into thinking their encounter is anything more than a one-night stand. Months later, she’s kicking herself for not getting his phone number. Or his last name. She’s given up hope of seeing him ever again.

Until one day, years later, Logan Kendrick waltzes into her life once more and turns everything she’s built upside down. This time around, she won’t make the same mistake. She’s going to fight to keep him in her life—not for herself.

But for their daughter.


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Contemporary Romance

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Review + Excerpt: Tattered
By Devney Perry

Review + Excerpt: Tattered

With TATTERED, Devney Perry shares a heartwarming, small-town romance about second chances and putting it all on the line for what—and who—really matters most.

We first meet Thea as a young bartender in New York City, struggling to make ends meet. She meets Logan across a bar top, where sparks immediately ignite.  As a wealthy businessman, he leads a life completely unlike her own. So there are no expectations beyond a night of riotous passion.

But this was indeed a night impossible to forget because nine months later, Thea delivers a baby girl, the baby’s father none the wiser. She never knew his last name, never found him, never had a partner with whom to share the burdens and responsibilities of parenting.

And sacrifice Thea did, years of struggle to do the best she could for her daughter, Charlie. To make her happy with the life they had in small-town Montana.

Years later, fate brings Logan to another bar, the same unforgettable girl behind it. This time, however, Thea upends everything when she tells him he’s a dad.

After the initial shock abates, Logan becomes determined to win both daughter and mother over, but best laid plans are never that simple. Logan and Thea were always from different worlds, worlds that don’t easily come together.

Thea’s life had never been easy, she’d been dealt a rotten hand from the get-go, so believing in a happily ever after doesn’t come naturally. Meanwhile, it isn’t simple for Logan to detach from his family’s expectations, from the work to which he’s devoted his life.

Thea and Logan’s story is rife with both moments of poignancy and levity, each of them doing the best they can to make a nearly impossible situation work. Both must face their own battles head on if they’re to write a new fairy tale, together.

Devney Perry deftly draws you in with that small town magic, giving us a story that feels real and intimate. If you love second-chance romances, especially those with surprise pregnancies, this book is a must. Beyond that, however, this is the kind of story that’s impossible to put down, that will fill you to brimming.

God, he is hot. He’d brought a heat wave into my workshop.

Over the years, whenever I’d pictured Logan, he was always in a suit. Whether he was walking down the sidewalk or climbing into a limo, my mental image always had him in an Italian suit.

It was different seeing him in casual clothes, but he was just as handsome. Though his suit held so much power, his jeans and simple white shirt showcased his muscled body better.

And in jeans, Logan didn’t seem so far out of reach.

Not that I had any intention of starting something romantic with Logan again. But for Charlie’s sake, he’d be easier to accept in jeans. I doubted she’d ever seen a man in a suit who wasn’t on television.

Logan cleared his throat before his next question. Did he think it was as hot in here as I did? “My grandmother would cringe that I’m asking, but how old are you?”

“Thirty-one. You?”

“Thirty-three. And when is her birthday?”

“August fifth.” I smiled. “She was ten days late in the heat of summer. I’d never been so miserable in my entire life. Hazel, Charlie’s Gran, rented me a room at the motel because I wouldn’t stop snapping at her to get air conditioning.”

He smiled back. “Charlie. That’s a unique name for a girl.”

“It’s Charlotte. Charlotte Faye Landry. But she hates to be called Charlotte. At four, she declared she was Charlie and that’s all she goes by now. I’m sure you could tell, but she’s a bit of a tomboy. She loves nothing more than to play in the trees or around the lake. She’s always building forts in the woods and finding animals to bring home.”

“Hmm.” His eyebrows furrowed and his gaze drifted to the floor.

I waited for another question but it never came. Instead, a heavy silence settled in the workshop, chasing away the heat. My arms broke out in goose bumps as he stared at his shoes.

What was he thinking? Did he not like hearing about her? Charlie was my pride and joy, so I talked about her constantly. Had I said something to spook him? Maybe I’d misread his questions for interest in our daughter. Maybe he was here tonight to say he didn’t want to be a part of her life. That he had no interest in being a dad.

How would I ever explain that to her?

Please, Logan. Just give her a chance.

He finally looked up and whispered, “Do you think she’ll like me?”

The air whooshed out of my lungs and I wanted to cry again. He wanted to know her. Logan wanted Charlie. “She’ll love you.”

It would take some time. Charlie wasn’t outgoing like most of her friends and she was shy when it came to strangers. She’d put Logan under a microscope, making him prove he was genuine. But once she got past the initial hesitation, she’d love him completely.

It would just take a little time.

“Can I meet her?”

I nodded. “Of course. How about tomorrow night? You can come for dinner. That will give me a chance to tell her about you first. She doesn’t do great with surprises.” That was an understatement, but I didn’t want to scare him away.

“Tomorrow.” His face lit up, filling my heart with hope. “I’ll be here.”

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