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The Sunday Snapshot – Week of June 3rd



It was a week of surprise reads for me… I love it when you start a book, not knowing what you’re going to get into and it surprises you by being damn good! My very good surprises were the first two books in the Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo and A Different Blue by Amy Harmon. Now given, I had heard that the books were good, but honestly, I didn’t know what they were even about and I was thrilled to have found them! Plus, this new ARC I’m reading, that I can’t wait to tell you about, is another surprise read that is HOT and THRILLING! Top off the week with funny book Tangled and Beauty From Surrender, which I couldn’t wait to read, and all in all, it was a great reading week.

Next week is possibly the hottest week in releases this year and the first book I’ll pick up on Tuesday is of course, Entwined With You. It’s been too long since Gideon Cross! I’ll be reading every other book listed in the releases in the next week or two, but I imagine most of us will be heads down and up late this week with our nose stuck in a book!!!!


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  • One very HOT HOT ARC that has to do with this picture here 😉



  • A Different Blue by Amy Harmon – A beautiful, poignant book that completely and totally gripped me. I think fans of The Sea of Tranquility will love this book. It’s slowly builds, making the connections between the characters deep and believable. I actually felt so sad after finishing it… I didn’t want it to end! My review coming this week!



This is THE week of HOT new releases!!!


This is going to be a new section each week. I get a lot of review and promo requests daily and I feel bad I can’t get to all the books, but I want to make sure these books get visibility because we never know which book will be the new IT book we all talk about!






Happy Reading!!! ♥

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