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Nadia Williams needs somewhere peaceful to sort through her grief after her mother is brutally murdered. She finds a cozy cabin at the side of a tranquil lake in the quaint town of Misted Pines in the Pacific Northwest.

The minute she arrives, she knows it’s perfect.

The very night of her arrival, however, someone—or something—is scratching at her window.

The next morning, she meets her one and only neighbor, Doc Riggs. He’s a rough, good-time guy who rubs Nadia wrong immediately. They clash, and neither of them are happy to be sharing their lake.

But soon, Nadia learns the lore around her cabin, and how the townsfolk are certain it’s haunted by the ghost of the man who was murdered there fifteen years before.

Riggs and Nadia are suddenly thrown into a tangled web of history, betrayal, grief, secrets, with only one thing certain.

Someone—or something—wants them off that lake.


Misted Pines

Book 3

Can be read as a standalone

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Romantic Suspense

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Excerpt: The Woman by the Lake
By Kristen Ashley

Exclusive Excerpt: The Woman By The Lake

Coming this week is the highly anticipated third standalone installment in the Misted Pines series by bestselling author Kristen Ashley. I’m so thrilled to share an exclusive sneak peak below, from THE WOMAN BY THE LAKE!

He knocked on the wood, and his frown intensified because even the sound of his knuckles striking made it sound rickety.

She appeared at the top of the hall. Her mass of hair pulled in a high ponytail. No makeup, wearing a dark-green sundress with tiny pink flowers on it that hit above her knees, the thick straps tied in bows on top of her shoulders. Her feet were bare. Her skin glowed with a light tan.

In other words, she was just as fuckable as the last two times he saw her when her hair was a mess from sleep, she was wearing slouchy clothes and her blue eyes were shooting icicles at him.

Except more.

The thing was, she was wearing an apron with big, bright flowers over the dress.

Never in his life had he seen anyone wear an actual apron, not to mention one that looked thrown forward in time from the fifties.

Even so, it didn’t surprise him in the least that she did—his prim and proper princess telling him the weekday rules were to quiet down at nine, and weekends at midnight.

Though, it did make him want to bust out laughing.

Fortunately, he didn’t do that, and when her gorgeous face went cold at the sight of him, he lifted up the bottle of wine and said, “Peace offering.”

She hesitated a moment before she moved down the hall and stood opposite him without making that first move to open the screen door between them.

She also didn’t say anything, though she took a good look at the wine.

So he spoke. “I was a dick. You were right. I’m not used to having anyone living close, and I didn’t factor that into my plans for last night. I get that you wouldn’t feel safe coming over and asking us to keep it down. I also get you shouldn’t have to. In future, I’ll have a mind.”

She didn’t say anything or move, which sucked, but considering the little he knew of her, it also wasn’t surprising.

So he bent, put the bottle on the porch to the side of the door and straightened.

“Don’t know wine, and you should know, I have it only on dubious authority that’s a good bottle. Still, hope you enjoy.”

She tipped her head slightly to the side, but that was it.

He made to turn.

But then he didn’t turn.

The woman wore an apron, for Christ’s sake.

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