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Subject: Justin Timberlake Nudes!

Lily, you predictable perv. I knew you’d open this email faster if I tempted you with a glimpse of JT’s “PP”. Well, put your pants back on and grab some bubbly because I have much better news to share.


As of tomorrow, I’ll be the new executive assistant at Lorena Lefray Designs. I am SO excited, but there’s one itty bitty problem: I won’t be Lorena’s assistant. I’ll be working for her older brother, Julian.

I know what you’re thinking- “But Jo, what’s the problem?”

Google him. Now. He’s the man in the fitted navy suit whose face reminds you that there’s hope yet for this cruel, ugly world. Keep scrolling…Do you see those dimples? Yup. That’s the Julian Lefray I will be reporting to tomorrow morning.

Lord, help us all…


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The Allure of Julian Lefray
By R.S. Grey

Review: The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey

Fun, fun, fun! This book was a joy to read. It touted great humor with some enjoyable tension and banter. Between giggling, swooning and flipping the pages as fast as possible, I couldn’t put it down. I loved the framework of the story. Loved that our protagonist, Jo, was a struggling blogger from small town Texas, trying not only to make it in her industry, but also in New York. And of course, as soon as our dimpled and alluring hero enters the scene, their moments together conjured a permanent smile on my face. R.S. Grey has this wonderful ability to develop relatable characters who you want to hang out with, who you want to laugh with. From the very beginning, I just knew this was a book I would love. It simply made me happy to read it.

The story centers around Josephine “Jo” Keller, a fashion blogger who focuses on style on a budget, while imbuing humor into her posts. She hasn’t had the easiest time in New York City since moving from Texas, and she’s nearly broke. This move was her big chance to do something she loved and she’s working hard to make it… to differentiate herself among the rest of the fashion bloggers.  Jo finally lands an invite to a prestigious event, and it’s there that she comes face to face with the impeccable looking Mr. Julian Lefray.

“He didn’t even know the effect those dimples had on my girly parts. One word: Ijustgotpregnant. Yeah, that’s one word.”

Julian is the brother of Lorena Lefray of Lorena Lefray Designs, the company to which Jo recently applied. He’s gorgeous, wealthy and also just recently moved to New York to help his sister run her expanding design business.

Jo and Julian meet at the event, and quickly make an impression on each other. Soon after, Jo finds herself the opportunity of a lifetime working as Julian’s assistant. From the beginning, they have an easy connection, with a smoothly flowing relationship that vacillates between laughing and working, and well, er… lusting, lusting and more lusting. Because one thing is for sure, the more time they spend together, the more the tension escalates.

“The continuous tease of having to be around him the last few weeks had built up the desire in my veins. Each day the passion had built with no outlet for escape.”

Very quickly, the friendship becomes important to them both, but as their feelings morph into something significant and desire threatens to boil over, they must both consider what they are willing to sacrifice for taking the risk of opening up to each other.

The entire story is deliciously entertaining and a very quick read. Funny, light-hearted and romantic, this is the perfect summer read to gush about with friends. I look forward to seeing more from Grey, who is quickly becoming a go-to author for feel-good reading.

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