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Instant #1 New York Times bestseller! Full of explosive magic, searing romance, and heartbreaking betrayal, this breathtaking sequel to This Woven Kingdom is from the award-winning and bestselling author of the Shatter Me series and is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir, and Tomi Adeyemi.

With the heat of a kiss, the walls between Alizeh, the long-lost heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom, and Kamran, the crown prince of the Ardunian empire, have crumbled. And so have both of their lives.

Alizeh, the heir to the Jinn throne, is destined to free her people from the half-lives they’ve been forced to live under human rule. When Kamran, the heir to the human throne, falls in love with her, he’s forced to question everything he’s been taught about Jinn.

Kamran’s grandfather lays dead at the hand of Cyrus, ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Tulan. Cyrus has stolen Alizeh away to his homeland and plans to marry her there, giving her everything she needs to become the Jinn queen—and when she assumes the throne he will have fulfilled his own bargain with the devil.

Alizeh wants nothing to do with Cyrus’s deal or the devil. But without a way to escape Tulan, and with the fulfillment of her own destiny tantalizingly close, she’ll have to decide whether she can set aside her emotions to become the queen her people need.

Kamran, meanwhile, is picking up the pieces in Ardunia. Facing betrayal at every turn, all he knows is that he must go to Tulan to avenge his grandfather. He can only hope that Alizeh will be waiting for him there—and that she hasn’t yet become the queen of Tulan.


This Woven Kingdom

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These Infinite Threads
By Tahereh Mafi

Review: These Infinite Threads

Across kingdoms, and separately spiraling into desperation, Alizeh and Kamran struggle in the aftermath of what transpired in the finale of THIS WOVEN KINGDOM.

The fallout from the king’s death is staggering — Kamran is left to pick up the pieces in Ardunia, feeling betrayed by Alizeh. Meanwhile, the lost queen to the Jinn kingdom is swept away by the Tulanian king, who intends to make her his wife.

Much of the narrative’s runway is spent with Kamran and Alizeh individually feeling out their situations. Kamran calls into question everything he knew about Alizeh, but even as he roils in anguish, he must also ferret out the machinations of those who wish to subvert him.

Alizeh wrestles against her captivity, as well as coming to terms with what she must do to be the queen her people need her to be. Questions plague her and secrecy surrounds her every moment with Cyrus. His exact deal to the Devil remains hidden and she isn’t sure what to make of the powerful, cryptic king. Sparks fly between them, a maelstrom of anger, frustration, and something wholly unexpected, shifting perspectives in a surprising way.

Told in alternating Alizeh/Kamran chapters, the plot moves at a somewhat sluggish pace, picking up speed towards the end and leaving us with a finale that clamors for more. I found the Alizeh chapters more compelling than Kamran’s, partly because of the enigma that is Cyrus, and partly because it seemed to progress the overall arc of the story more significantly.

Mafi’s lush worldbuilding and writing once again shine in this stirring sequel which promises so much more to come (and I can’t wait).

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