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Tried It: Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter

I’m not gonna lie, I bought this highlighter on packaging alone. I mean how gorg is it? Designed to look like an engagement ring box with the highlighter itself infused with real crushed diamonds. I had to have it, even if it was to look pretty on my vanity.

At first inspection, the diamond-shaped highlighter looked very pearlescent, very opal, with strong flashes of green and gold. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be exactly my vibe, but I was sort of shocked that it looked quite purplish when I swiped it on my cheekbone. I brushed it on several times to build up the pigment all the way to blinding and in the end, I loved the look.

With purple being the IT color of 2018, I think this is the perfect highlighter to add some violet vibes to not only the cheekbones, but also the eyes. It’s probably not the go-to highlighter for everyday wear, but it’s a gorgeous wintery, radiant glow that can easily transition into Spring.

Too Faced says that each highlighter is hand poured, so the prismatic colors may vary from product to product. All I can tell you is that the glow from my highlighter is hella visible and beautiful.

This is definitely one blingy glow to try.

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