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Chapter 3: Until We Burn by Courtney Cole

Dominic Kinkaide. This bad boy’s fame grants him anything and anyone he wants and demands. But he’s broken… and in efforts to feel something, he does some very bad things.  While we anxiously await the release of Before We Fall on December 3rd, Courtney Cole gives us a sinful taste of his very dark, very lonely world. I’m so honored and excited to share with you the third installment of Until We Burn!

Serialization of Until We Burn:
(Read the first two chapters before moving to Chapter 3)


Dominic Kinkaide does bad, bad things.

As a 24-year old actor with the world on a string, not many women tell Dominic no.

In a life where no doesn’t exist, he stretches the boundaries between what is right, what is wrong and what is downright depraved.

Dark and damaged, Dom wants no commitments.  He wants no attachments.  He only wants to disappear into the taboo, into a place where he feels something.


But when the aching need to disappear into the darkness is the only thing he has left, Dominic flounders.  In a world that is hollow and sexual, without a guiding light or a reason to breathe, Dominic is lost and broken.

He knows he’ll never be fixed.

So he makes a decision.

If he’s going to hell, he might as well make it worth it.

Chapter Three

“No fucking way,“ I mutter to Tally.  “I’m not going to London.  I only have a month until the new production begins.  I want to relax.”

“Well, you can relax in London while they take your pictures for the promos.  I also set up a day of shooting for a Tag Heuer commercial while you’re there.  You love their watches.”

“I don’t even wear a watch,” I grumble into the phone, pouring a cup of coffee with one hand as I stand completely nude in the middle of my kitchen.

“You will for two million dollars,” Tally says cheerfully.  “It’s an easy day’s work for you.  Their VP of marketing is a good friend of mine and I owed him a favor.  Just do this for me, please.”

“Fine.  But you know I hate endorsing shit,” I growl.  “Unless Porsche needs a spokesman, no more endorsements.  I mean it.”

“Deal,” Tally replies.  “Your plane will be wheels up tonight at seven pm.  Amy can’t make the flight with you, but she’ll meet you there.  They’re going to work her into the promos at the same time so they can wrap it all up in two days.”

I glance at the clock.  Eleven am.  I’ve got to be on a flight in eight hours.  Sighing, I gulp at my coffee.

“So much for a vacation,” I sigh again in resignation.

I can practically hear my manager smile through the phone.  “Your brothers have a show in Amsterdam.  I’m going to arrange for you to swing through there on your way home.  You might not catch the show, but you can visit your brothers for a day or two. I know you haven’t seen them in a while.”

True story.  Because of their world tour, I haven’t seen them in months.  I had actually been looking forward to their show in Chicago next month just so I can have the chance to see them.  We’ve always been close, but our hectic schedules prevent us from getting together as much as we’d like.

“Good,” I answer.  “I’ll be on the plane at seven.  Are you coming?”

“Yep.  I can’t trust you to stay out of trouble over there.”

He laughs and I’m not sure if he’s kidding or not.

“Oh, by the way,” he adds.  “I sent you a gift.  It should be there any minute.  I figured your house needs cleaned before you leave.”

“I’ve got a housekeeper,” I remind him.

“Not like this, you don’t,” he answer cryptically, and then hangs up.

I barely have time to finish my cup of coffee before my doorbell rings.

I pad over the marble floors to answer it, only bothering to pull on a pair of pants before I do.

I’m still shirtless when I open the door and find two gorgeous college-aged girls standing in front of me.  Blonde, pert, big tits.

Just the way I like them.

I grin, a slow grin that the public knows and loves.

Both girls grin back.

“And you are?” I lift my eyebrow.  They both giggle.

“We’re from Naked Maids,” one of them tells me.  “We’re here to clean your house….naked.”

I can’t help but grin again at the mere thought.  Tally.  Leave it to him to find something like this.  He always looks out for me…on every level.

“Good,” I tell them, ushering them in.  “The only problem is… my house is already clean.  Can we find something else for you to do?”

They look at each other slyly as I lead them through the house to my living room.

“We’re not supposed to do anything else,” the taller one says.  “But you’re Dominic Kinkaide.  We’ll break the rules for you.”

My grin widens.

“That’s perfect,“ I tell them.  “Because I’m a rule breaker.  I have a great idea.  Brilliant, really.  I’d like for you to clean her,” and I point at the other girl.  “With your tongue.”

They aren’t even fazed.  She nods with a mischievous look in her eye and they move to the center of the room and drop onto the plush rug.

I situate myself on a sofa, my legs sprawled out as I watch.

God, I love to watch.

Hands, lips, tongues and fingers move together, rubbing, stroking, sucking.  My dick hardens and I pull it out, stroking it with my fingers.

The girls look up.

“Want some help?” the shorter one asks, her lips glistening.

I shake my head.  “No.  I want to watch you.  Keep going.”

They turn back to each other, burying their tongues in each other’s mouth as their hands move everywhere.  Their fingers slip in, out, wet.  They moan softly as they suckle each other, constantly glancing over their shoulders to see if I like the show.

I do.

I finish up within a few minutes and lay sated on my couch as they finish each other off.

They look up at me as I get to my feet.

“Anything else you want us to do?” one of them purrs.

I shake my head.

“Maybe clean up the kitchen?”

Their faces are astonished as I walk away and don’t look back, headed for my shower. I guess they don’t get that request very often.

As I let the water wash over my face and stream down my body, I think about my life.  It’s filled with women, in and out of my days and nights like clouds passing in the sky.  None of them mean anything to me.  None of them will ever mean anything to me.  Nothing does.

I take a very long shower, breathing in the steam, before I finally step out and get dressed.  When I make my way back downstairs, the nude maids are gone.  The kitchen has been cleared of my coffee cup, the coffee maker wiped clean. So they actually knew how to clean, after all. I’m mildly surprised.

I grab a book and head out to the pool, soaking in the sun while I read.  I should enjoy it while I can.  London is notoriously gray and rainy.

The afternoon passes quickly and before I know it, I only have an hour before I need to depart for the airport.  I put the book away and pack a bag.

I’m just opening the door to my Porsche when a large black car glides to a stop in front of me.

A curvy blonde bombshell in a chauffeur’s hat steps out of the driver’s seat, dressed in short boy shorts, high heels and thick stripper’s makeup.

“Your car, sir,” she tells me, her eyes sweeping me up and down.

I’m surprised for a minute, but then I grin.


“I suppose you drive topless?” I ask wryly as I put my bag in the open trunk.  She smiles flirtatiously.

“No.  But Abbi, your flight attendant, can.  If you want.”

I glance over her shoulder to find another girl, a slender brunette in a skimpy flight attendant uniform, already seated in the back of the limo, pouring a glass of champagne.  She holds out the drink to me with a smile.

“Abbi?” I ask, my fingers brushing hers as I take the glass.  She nods, then allows her fingers to rest at the top of my thigh when I settle into the seat next to her.

“I’ll take good care of you during your flight,” she assures me softly.

It’s good to be Dominic Kinkaide.


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