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“You are the next step in human evolution.”

At first, Logan Ramsay isn’t sure if anything’s different. He just feels a little . . . sharper. Better able to concentrate. Better at multitasking. Reading a bit faster, memorizing better, needing less sleep.

But before long, he can’t deny it: Something’s happening to his brain. To his body. He’s starting to see the world, and those around him—even those he loves most—in whole new ways.

The truth is, Logan’s genome has been hacked. And there’s a reason he’s been targeted for this upgrade. A reason that goes back decades to the darkest part of his past, and a horrific family legacy.

Worse still, what’s happening to him is just the first step in a much larger plan, one that will inflict the same changes on humanity at large—at a terrifying cost.

Because of his new abilities, Logan’s the one person in the world capable of stopping what’s been set in motion. But to have a chance at winning this war, he’ll have to become something other than himself. Maybe even something other than human.

And even as he’s fighting, he can’t help wondering: what if humanity’s only hope for a future really does lie in engineering our own evolution?

Intimate in scale yet epic in scope, Upgrade is an intricately plotted, lightning-fast tale that charts one man’s thrilling transformation, even as it asks us to ponder the limits of our humanity—and our boundless potential.

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By Blake Crouch

Review: Upgrade

“The future was here, and it was a fucking mess.”

After a raid gone wrong, agent Logan Ramsey’s genome gets a major upgrade, unraveling a plan set to wreak havoc on humanityin Blake Crouch’s extraordinary thriller, UPGRADE.

Former molecular geneticist Logan Ramsey has spent years atoning for his family’s legacy, working as a government agent in the Gene Protection Agency. When a routine raid goes terribly wrong, he finds himself in a hospital, terrified he may have been exposed to a lethal virus.

What happens, however, is practically the opposite. In the days following the raid, long-ago memories return in vivid detail, his reading speed exponentially increases, he needs less sleep, his body is stronger. Something is happening to him, something that causes him to process the world and those he loves differently.

Logan’s new abilities upend his life, but worse yet, he uncovers he’s the trigger to a terrifying plan which puts humanity at risk… and he’s the only one that can stop it.

Blake Crouch once again delivers a mind-blowing, immersive thriller rife with high-octane action, ratcheting tension, vivid worldbuilding and riveting science. It’s clear the work was meticulously researched, making the premise equal parts fascinating and frightening. Crouch probes the moral complexity and perceived boundaries of ‘playing God’ while buoying the science-heavy narrative (which I love) with surprisingly emotive moments.

One of the best books I’ve read this year.

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