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Review: Wild Child (#1.5, The Wild Ones) by M. Leighton

My Thoughts

Super sexy and seductive.
We’re back in Greenfield, South Carolina where drama sizzles and desire burns. The story oozes sensuality and packs some serious angst, dangerously testing restraint, love and the notion of forevers in this alluring novella. Loved it!



WILD CHILDJenna Theopolis has always known what she wanted. Getting out of her small hometown of Greenfield was number one on her list of priorities. Until she met Rusty Catron.
Rusty’s fun-loving personality was the perfect match for Jenna’s inner wild child. But what started off as a summer fling quickly turns into something more. At least it does for Jenna.

Rusty has lived with the ghost of his father’s abandonment since he was a child, but now he’s beginning to feel the crippling effects of his scars. He wants to trust in Jenna, but deep down he doesn’t believe someone so wild and free can ever be tamed. 

But tragedy strikes, pushing Jenna out of Greenfield and leaving Rusty with a choice to make—face his inner demons or lose the love of his life. Forever.

My Review

We’re back in the south with gorgeous, hard-working, muscled boys that make us sweat and steam, where women emanate confidence and sex appeal, where fixing muscle cars and breeding horses is everyday discussion between Jenna, Rusty, Cami and Trick. It was so fun to jump back in with these characters. They are all supremely southern and sexy, with big personalities that make these stories so fun and vibrant. I loved seeing Trick and Cami again, seeing where their life was going. In this novella, however, it’s Jenna and Rusty that we learn more about. Jenna, if you recall, is Cami’s best friend. Funny, fiery and full of life, Jena doesn’t exactly love being in the small town of Greenfield, she wants to do something with her education and grab life by the horns, squeezing all the experience and happiness she can get. Her boyfriend, Rusty, is everything she could want and desire, but as her emotions intensify and deepen into something very real, she’s not sure that Rusty is on the same page.

“He thinks I’m some sort of wild child that will never settle down.”

Rusty works hard and is firmly rooted in South Carolina, finding joy in the thrill of driving his restored Pontiac GTO and satisfaction from working on these muscle cars by day. He’s unexpectedly fallen hard for Jenna, but his painful past prevents him from freely giving his heart over to her and he’s yet to express how he really feels.

“Jenna’s restless. It is what it is. Sometimes people leave, no matter how much you want them to stay.”

The story begins with an idea… the girls decide to withhold some sexy-time action from the boys and craziness ensues. Jenna is hoping that this little game will help Rusty realize he can’t do without her.

“I don’t know what the girl’s trying to do to me, but if it includes death from over-excitement, she’s well on her way.”

Jenna is not only in love with Rusty, but she wants what Cami and Trick have… a love that’s all consuming, that burns brightly with desire, that forsakes all others because you simply can’t imagine not being with that person… and she just can’t imagine anyone else other than Rusty in her life.

“I want to break him. I want him to give in because he just can’t stand it. I want him to forsake all else for me, for the want of me, for the love of me. That’s all I’ve ever wanted from Rusty–his devotion. The same kind of devotion I have for him.”

When an accident happens and unfounded thoughts dominate reason, Rusty pushes Jenna away, thinking he’ll save himself some hurt before she is able to hurt him even more.

“No the days of me having anything to offer Jenna that could compete with the rest of her world are over. I guess it’s time to cut her loose before she cuts and runs.”

In the face of tragedy, and their own unsubstantiated thoughts swirling in their heads, their love is really put to the test and they most both decide what they want out of life and what they can’t live without. Since it’s a novella, it’s a quick read and I devoured it in one sitting. Fun, sexy and heartfelt, Wild Child is an amazing addition to this series I love so much!!!

“Help me, Jenna. Help me say the right things. Help me do the right things. Help me to be the kind of man you could spend the rest of your life loving. Because that’s who I want to be.”


Reading Order and Links


  1. The Wild Ones
  2. Wild Child (Oct 22, 2013)
  3. Some Like It Wild (Mar 4, 2014)
  4. There’s Wild, Then There’s You (2014)

About M. Leighton

M. Leighton at deskM. Leighton is the NYT and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you’ll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren’t roaming in that direction, she’ll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

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    Thank you for the giveaway!


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    This is a quick novella, so if you’re struggling with time, but you loved The Wild Ones, definitely pick this up because I can promise you that you’ll devour it quickly! 🙂


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