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10 Most Anticipated PNR & Fantasy Books in 2015


2015 promises to be an exciting whirlwind of book releases! Much of last year’s sales was driven by adults like me devouring Young Adult books, and admittedly, a lot of YA titles were among my favorite of 2014. As I look excitedly to the calendar of releases, there are ten books that I’m dying to get my hands, specifically in the paranormal and fantasy genres. Although I’ll let you in on a secret… most of these are the books I most anticipate… period. I think there is a lot of amazing writing and super imaginative storytelling coming from these genres and I urge readers who are hesitant to give these kind of books a try, to make 2015 the year you take a chance on them. You won’t be sorry! So check these books out!!!

DEAD OF WINTER (#3, Arcana Chronicles) by Kresley Cole – Available Now

dead of winter coverThis is the third installment in the PNR series, Arcana Chronicles, and let me tell you, it packs a punch! I just recently reviewed the novel, and I thought it was the most thrilling book to date in the series. Kresley Cole is a masterful writer whose rich world-building and compelling storytelling draw you in from the very beginning. The series begins after The Flash—an event that kills much of the earth’s population, driving the remaining survivors to hunger and anarchistic ruin.

In reality, however, this is the start of a new game for the Tarot—the chosen teenagers who represent a card in the deck, armed with supernatural powers as they battle it out to the single-survivor end. You’ll see lots of action in this latest, specifically with the brutal twins, the Lovers, plus more bite-your-nails love triangle angst as Evie, our heroine, finally chooses between two unlikely heroes.

Reading Order:

poison princess cover endless knight cover dead of winter cover

Reviews: Poison Princess + Endless Knight | Dead of Winter

This is a YA PNR series.


BURNED (#7, Fever) by Karen Marie Moning – January 20th


The Fever books comprise one of my absolute favorite paranormal romance series. Irresistibly sexy, action-packed and just plain awesome, these books left me hygienically despicable and hungry for a whole week, while I maddeningly devoured the first five books, which I may add, have the world’s most jaw-dropping cliffhangers evvvvahhhh. While books 1 through 5 focus on the delectable story between Mac and Barrons, book 6, Iced, veers into Dani O’Malley’s adventure. And then, to much of our surprise, book 7, Burned, has become a combined story. We get more Barrons, Mac, Dani, Ryodan, Christian and much more. For Fever fanatics like me, I am entirely ready to jump in with both feet! Bring on the badassery!

Reading Order:

darkfever1 bloodfever cover faefever1 dreamfever1 Available Now Jan-20

ReviewsDarkfever | Bloodfever | Faefever + Dreamfever | Shadowfever

This is an Adult PNR series.


FAIREST and WINTER by Marissa Meyer – January 27th and November 24th

fairest cover

We finally experience Queen Levana’s story in Fairest—the brutal, frightening queen of Luna. Queen Levana has been using her glamour to rule, and Linh Cinder, our Cinderella cyborg, is the heroine who challenges her in this wonderfully written YA fantasy series, The Lunar Chronicles. These fairy-tale inspired books bring together Cinder (Cinderella), Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood), Cress (Rapunzel) and Winter (Snow White) as they try to stop this powerful ruler. Fairest delivers Levana’s story, long before she met our fierce and brave protagonists, a story we’ve not yet heard. Winter introduces a new lead character into the mix (whom we met in Cress) and continues this scintillating tale of power, love and friendship.

Reading Order:

$2.99 scarlet cover cress cover fairest cover

This is a YA fantasy series.


RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard – February 10th

Victoria Aveyard is poised to sizzle with her debut fantasy novel, Red Queen. It’s amassed a lot of buzz already and I can’t wait to see what the excitement is all about. In Aveyard’s world, Norta, society is divided by the color of your blood. The Reds are the normal humans who live under the shadow of the Silvers, who tout terrifying, magical powers. Our heroine (Unlikely hero… she’s a thief!), Mare (a Red blood) begins to develop abilities of her own, and suddenly, the real story takes off as she becomes a threat to the elite Silvers.

This is the first book in the YA fantasy series.


THE WINNER’S CRIME by Marie Rutkoski – March 3rd

Mar-03I fell in love with Marie Rutkoski’s richly descriptive and lyrically written book, The Winner’s Curse, earlier last year and have been anxiously waiting for the follow-up, The Winner’s Crime.

This is a story of star-crossed lovers, Kestrel and Arin, amidst class dichotomy. Kestrel is the daughter of a general, while Arin is nothing but a poor slave. Rutkoski explores the complicated nature between the wealthy and their slaves, earned trust, vacillating alliances and so much more. It’s such a smart book and it ended with a gripping plot twist that has me ready to dive into this second installment.

Reading Order:

$2.99 Mar-03


SEA OF STARS (#2, Kricket) by Amy A. Bartol – March 31st


Amy A. Bartol is one of my favorite authors, one who always delivers the bestest blend of romance and magic. The Kricket series is addictive urban fantasy—romance, action, humor—it has all the right ingredients to get you hooked. Kricket’s story unwinds through the Chicago foster system and now, having attained a sort-of freedom (albeit illegally), she intends to dodge caseworkers until she turns 18, but then she finds herself taken by a mysterious trio into a transcendental world she can hardly believe. It turns out there is a lot more to Kricket than she thought, and there’s one man intent on helping her navigate the star-filled skies of Ethar. Sea of Stars continues Kricket’s story.

Reading Order:

Under Different Stars 20977124

Reviews: Under Different Stars

This is a NA Urban Fantasy series.


A COURT OF THORNS & ROSES by Sarah J. Maas – May 5th

May-05This book could be my favorite of the entire year… and it’s barely January! I had the chance to read an early copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses and it’s ahhh-mazing. Sarah J. Maas irrevocably proves her prowess at both storytelling and world building with this Beauty and the Beast inspired story… excerpt with Fae! You can read more about what else inspired the story here, but regardless, the story is inventive, vividly imagined, romantic and action-packed. I loved our fiercely independent heroine, Feyre, and our powerful, but rough-around-the-edges hero, Tamlin. And pssshhh… it’s my first official 6-star of the year. Don’t miss this one!!!

This is the first book in a NA fairy-tale inspired fantasy series.


EVERY LAST BREATH by Jennifer L. Armentrout – July 28th

every last breath coverJennifer L. Armentrout gets me every single time with her paranormals. I LOVE THEM! Funny and swoony and angsty and everything in between. I feel happy reading them (excerpt for the few times she’s made me cry) and generally, happy finishing them, but with this series, she keeps leaving us with some killer cliffies that have me clamoring for more… and this book. Yeaaaa, I need now! I must know who half Gargoyle, half demon heroine Layla chooses. And good heavens above, she’s actually left the decision to us crazy readers. I voted and persuaded all my friends to vote Team Super Swoony Demon (Team Roth that is), but am shaking in my booties that Team First Love (Team Zhane) may win over. Now, both boys are pretty darn great, but I’ve fallen in love with Roth, and am x-ing out the days on my calendar until July 28th when I see who gets the girl.

This is the final book in the YA paranormal series, Dark Elements.

Reading Order:

bitter sweet love white hot kiss stone cold touch every last breath cover

Reviews: Bitter Sweet Love (novella) | White Hot Kiss | Stone Cold Touch


THRONE OF GLASS Book #4 by Sarah J. Maas – September 10th

NEED. WAAANT. NOOOOWWWW. Sarah J. Maas’ literary musings make my list a second time with the fourth book in the exciting Throne of Glass series. These fantasy novels are exceptional, so rich in world-building, such tight and engaging storytelling. They’re long books, yet there is never a dull moment. It has tons of action, intrigue and an epic romance! Assassins and faes and kings and queens and unknown magical creatures. It just rocks. Our protagonist, Celaena Sardothien has got to be one of the most kickass heroines I’ve encountered on the page. And then there’s Chaol, whom I hope will be her leading man by the end of the series. We’ve seen Caelena fight her history, her struggles, learn and begin to accept who she is. What’s to come will surely be epically awesome. I’m pretty must just waiting for Sarah Maas to release whatever she wants, because based on past experience, I’ll surely love it. These main two books in the series (Assasin’s Blade is a series of stories) were one of my top favorites in 2014, and I’m positive I’ll be saying the same thing about this fourth book in 2015!

This is the fourth (and not final) book in the YA fantasy series, Throne of Glass.

Reading Order:

assassin's blade throne of glass throne of glass cover crown of midnight cover heir of fire cover

Video Review: Throne of Glass series


WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER (#1 Goldscryer Saga) by Rae Carson – September 22nd

I admittedly don’t know much about Carson’s next novel, but I so loved her Girl of Fire and Thorns series so muchc, that I can’t wait to see what she pens next. Her rich storytelling, perfect pacing and engaging characters will hopefully continue with her newest release, Walk on Earth a Stranger—the first in a new series entitled Goldscryer Saga. The only information we have is that this is a fantasy book with the following description:

A teenage girl whose magical ability to find gold puts her in a dangerous position during the American Gold Rush.

She writes it, I read it. Can’t wait!


Honorable mention goes to The Shadows by J.R. Ward, which is the next installment in the uber-badass-vampire series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood! I’m super excited to read it and will hopefully get my book signed and delivered via my first virtual signing (the packaging is amazing!). However, I am still catching up, currently on the 6th book. I better get moving before March 31st!

Stay tuned for the next list — most anticipated contemporary romance reads!

epic paranormals FANTASTICAL


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