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Prologue + Chapter 1 + Giveaway: Amber to Ashes by Gail McHugh

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Amber to Ashes, the latest from bestselling author Gail McHugh, is coming June 9th. This is a dark, sexy and thrilling romance, with unforeseen twists and gut-wrenching scenes that will keep you feverishly turning the pages. As we get closer to its release, I wanted to share the prologue and Chapter 1 with you to give you a taste of what’s in store.

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Jun-09From the New York Times bestselling author of Collide and Pulse comes a gritty new novel about a shattered young woman who unexpectedly falls for two best friends as she struggles to overcome the trauma of her tormented childhood.

They were a storm I never saw coming, an unforeseen heartbreak on the edge of a dangerous cliff.

Amber Moretti’s life changes in the span of minutes. An orphaned outsider, she is desperate to start fresh the moment she walks onto campus. In the time it takes to cross the university’s dining hall, she meets two men who bring color, air, and light to her darkened world.

They became my addiction, each a needle to my next hit, my high.

Brock Cunningham’s appeal is dizzying, a potent force Amber can’t deny. A green-eyed smooth talker, he instantly attracts Amber. It doesn’t take long for him to consume her every thought, her every breath.

Ryder Ashcroft, a blue-eyed, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, turns Amber off immediately—that is, until he kisses her, stealing a piece of her heart, her soul.

They were as opposite as fire and ice, yet I ached for them equally.

Never knowing she could be broken down in so many unexpectedly beautiful yet petrifying ways, Amber finds herself falling for both men.

Immoral? Maybe. I say undeniable. Uncontained.

But one event changes everything, shattering each of their lives…and Amber isn’t sure she can come back from it.

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