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I see everything. I feel everything.
I watch people fall in love. I watch them burn with hate, anger, rage, and I see the cycle repeat over and over again. I take it on every night I work at Timber, aka Anubis’s bar in downtown Seattle, and then I help the rest of the immortals keep the very intense balance between Heaven and Earth.

I see everyone’s future but mine, and when I try to look, all I see is darkness, despair, need…

Until she walks into my bar with bruises on her face, getting pulled by one of the lesser demons. I do what any good bartender would do… I beat him within an inch of his life and turn my eyes to her.
By then, it’s too late.
She already has me in her grasp.
A succubus that has no other plan than to suck me clean of every inch of power that’s been bestowed on me by the Heavens.

I never thought my future involved getting kidnapped and tied up or that I’d die by way of sex—then again, maybe that’s for the best. Dying at the hands of my enemy rather than being one more burden to my already mated friends.

After all, giving into one last need before death, while selfish, may be exactly what my darkness means.

My need is great.
And she’s about to find out just how much.

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Excerpt: Darkest Need
By Rachel Van Dyken

Excerpt: Darkest Need

From #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a new story in The Dark Ones Saga. DARKEST NEED is out Tuesday, but you can read a sneak peek below right now!

I have no soul.

And I only fed enough to heal my body.

How depressing.

I wouldn’t last longer than an hour, and by then, the vampire would be the one doing the biting, and I’d be the one doing the dying.

Sometimes, it sucks that your only power is to seduce and consume, and that bagels, as this weird werewolf said, don’t even cure the hunger or need.

“You need to leave.” Hot werewolf who goes by the name of Tarek crosses his bulky arms over his tight black T-shirt and clenches his teeth. Why does a man bun and his caramel-colored hair look so good on him? Why is he so good-looking? Why does he smell and taste good, like earth energy? Life?

Why do I always feel like I taste like death?

I swallow the lump in my throat and self-consciously rub my sticky arms, still standing behind Tarek when I feel a presence.

I’m almost afraid to turn.

The hairs on the back of my arms rise, and I suddenly feel something else—something bigger, stronger. What the hell is happening?

The door behind the vampire, the one to enter the bar, opens. Music still kills my ears, lights are everywhere, people are dancing, and then I see a flash of…it.

I scramble more behind the werewolf and grip him tightly. “D-Dark One. There’s a Dark One. The king—I think the King of the Immortals.”

A low voice rumbles behind me, whispering, “Don’t let him hear that, he has quite the ego.”

I slowly look over my shoulder into crisp, gorgeous blue eyes. They flash red before going back to normal.

I know exactly who this is.

Rumors of his resurrection have run rampant. According to all the immortals I know, the Fallen Gods were resurrected, and the Fallen Angels are on the same side.

And the Creator has allowed it to set everyone free from the Fall.

I just didn’t realize the place I’d moved to would have them living here and in the flesh. Wait, did I move? Where do I even live? And why am I so confused? Maybe the attack. Yeah, I’m in shock. Total shock. That’s it.

The Egyptian god reaches out and touches my cheek, tilting his head curiously. “So, you’re her. Interesting. And here I thought this week would be boring. Sucked a little werewolf, did you now?”

“I was hurt.” I try not to stumble over my words as I hold on to the werewolf. “I didn’t know who he was, or that you were here, or that the King of the Immortals was…here.”

I’ve never been more terrified in my entire existence. I think. How old am I again?

He lifts my chin with his thumb. “I think I’ll enjoy this.”

I close my eyes in dread. He’s seconds away from killing me.

“Cassius,” he barks. “Take care of the trash. We don’t allow vampires who feed on innocents in my club, and I would really hate to spread blood everywhere before dinner. I’ll escort him to…” He walks up to the vampire, who suddenly stumbles back. “Where he belongs.”

Cassius smirks from behind the vampire. “And you do know where you belong when you harm any of the immortals here—or humans, for that matter.”

“Look, man…” The guy spreads his hands wide. He’s shaking. “I don’t want any trouble. Had I known she was under the Council’s immortal protection, I wouldn’t have—”

“Should have never,” Timber—or his god name, Anubis—answers.

“Not even once,” Cassius agrees. “We have rules here in Seattle, in this club, and you know, just in general. Right, Prince Tarek?”

So that’s why. Makes sense. He’s one of them. I was right. He’s most likely on the Council, and if he’s a prince, then he’s second to only the King of the Werewolves, which means he’s old.

Tarek just grins. “Guys, you know I had this.”

“Why does everyone have fun without me?” A voice sounds as someone kicks the door open, revealing basically the most gorgeous man alive—a male siren. Oh, perfect. I now have most of the Immortal Council in front of me. He’s been known to seduce anything that breathes. Bet he tastes good, too. He’s married, though, and has the blood of a god in him—Ra, to be specific. Apparently, none of the Egyptian gods actually died, they just started an immortal race.

There are too many powerful people here to count. Sirens. Werewolves. Angels. Gods—

And they just keep coming.

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    “Darkest Need” by Rachel Van Dyken is a gripping and intense novel that delves into the depths of human desires and the lengths one would go to protect their loved ones. The story follows the tumultuous journey of the protagonist, who finds herself in a world filled with darkness and danger. As secrets unravel and betrayals unfold, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, unable to put the book down. Van Dyken’s writing is masterful, with vivid descriptions that transport the reader to the vividly portrayed settings. The characters are complex and relatable, each with their own motivations and flaws that add depth to the narrative. With its relentless pacing and unexpected twists, “Darkest Need” keeps readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning the pages to uncover the truth. This novel is a testament to Van Dyken’s ability to craft suspenseful and captivating stories that leave a lasting impact.
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