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Lotti has come a long way since finding love with Alasdair and uncovering her true origins as a Star Person. She has embraced the magic she once shunned—as well as the label of Destroyer by her own. And it has made her powerful. But will it be enough to stand against her family as they target the Dragon Kings?

Alasdair has faced many adversaries who rose up against the Dragon Kings. But nothing could prepare him for the Star People and the discovery that they once enslaved his kind. It’s more than his life on the line this time. It’s the very existence of all dragons. It will take Alasdair and Lotti, together, to defeat their enemy.

Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.

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Excerpt: Dragon Kiss
By Donna Grant

Excerpt: Dragon Kiss

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant’s latest installment picks up where DRAGON ARISEN leaves off. Alasdair and Lotti return to face the biggest foe the Dragon Kings have met yet—and the stakes have never been higher. DRAGON KISS is out this week and your can read an exclusive excerpt below!

Lotti shifted closer to Jeyra. She doubted anyone saw it, but it was just enough that when the warriors circled Alasdair, she and Jeyra were clumped together. So far, their plan was working. Then again, it had only just begun. There were too many players for things to go perfectly.

Lotti glanced at Jeyra. The warrior glared at a man who eyed her as if he wanted to cut her to pieces. The Orgateans celebrated their capture so loudly that Lotti could barely hear herself think. She had lost sight of Alasdair. Her heart thumped wildly against her ribs, and her palms dampened. So much rested on her. What if she failed? They would all be trapped.

“You can do this,” Jeyra whispered, leaning close.

Lotti drew in a shaky breath. Her friends believed in her. Maybe it was time she had faith in herself. She nodded at Jeyra and tried to hear what the leader said to Alasdair, but Lotti couldn’t make it out. She stiffened when she heard jeers and grunts.

“Don’t,” Jeyra warned. “Alasdair can handle whatever they dole out.”

Lotti hated not knowing what was happening to him. With every groan and sound of pain, she knew Alasdair was being hit. He could end it. She could end it. But that wasn’t the plan. Which made standing there looking helpless that much more difficult.

Her attention got yanked away when someone pulled her hands before her. Lotti bit back a wince. Her eyes widened when she saw the manacles. She cast a harried look at Jeyra, who was left unshackled. They had known encountering the chains that took away a Dragon King’s power was possible. However, none of them knew if they would obstruct her magic as they did for the Kings. Lotti swallowed hard when the first click sounded as the cuff locked into place on her wrist. Fear froze her, and she stared at Jeyra as the second was about to latch. Then, it was too late to worry if the plans they had painstakingly put into action would be foiled.

Blood roared in Lotti’s ears. She blinked several times to make sure she was seeing things correctly. She nearly laughed out loud when the fake stone remained visible, and the pack on Jeyra’s back stayed hidden. The chains didn’t hinder her power, and that meant she could get free anytime she wanted.

Suddenly, their captors shoved at her and Jeyra. Lotti stumbled, her shoulder hitting a tree before she found her balance, and they moved through the woods. Lotti tried to peer between the crush of bodies to glimpse Alasdair but was unsuccessful. The Orgateans kept their weapons drawn and pointed at her and Jeyra. Many of the blades came close to nicking them. It unnerved Lotti, but Jeyra ignored them. So, she tried to do the same.

The crowd trampled everything in their wake as they hiked through the forest, uncaring about damaging the habitat they disturbed. After all, they had seized a Dragon King and two women. In their eyes, they had won. Jeyra was intelligent and shrewd. Lotti expected the same from the other warriors from Orgate, but that wasn’t what she had seen so far. These fighters actually thought they were good enough to catch them. It didn’t appear as if any of them had any doubts they had triumphed. Lotti should be happy that the fools were so easily duped. If they weren’t, their plan would have failed before it began.

She winced as the tip of a sword pressed into her back when she didn’t walk fast enough. She threw a glower over her shoulder at the woman who had nudged her so callously. As she faced forward again, her eyes briefly met Jeyra’s. They didn’t talk as they walked beside each other, headed toward the Tunris Mountains.

They walked for hours, each step bringing them closer and closer to Villette. When the army came upon a steep slope down, Lotti took a moment to look ahead. It seemed most of the Orgateans were behind and to their side. A large group of warriors walked ahead and to the right of her, grouped around someone. She caught a glimpse of auburn hair just as they pushed Alasdair down the hill. Anger burned hotly in her veins when they laughed as he tumbled before slamming into a tree, halting his progress.

She didn’t understand why Alasdair hadn’t used his hands to right himself. Then she spotted the restraints. The same ones placed on her. The same special chains used on Varek to hinder his magic. Alasdair had expected such a tactic, but that didn’t make it any easier to witness.

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