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A timeless love story with bite.

It was a night like any other for funeral home director Ginny Lynn, until the exceptionally handsome—and unfortunately deceased—young man on her embalming table sat up, opened his emerald eyes and changed the course of her life
forever, making her feel quite fluttery while he was at it.

Humans aren’t supposed to know Jonas Cantrell, or any vampire, exists. It’s kind of a major rule. Despite his instantaneous bond with perfectly peculiar Ginny, he has no choice but to erase her memories of their one and only meeting.

That was the plan. Before a reluctant Jonas can wipe Ginny’s mind clean, she reveals a secret that brings their worlds crashing together. Human and vampire. Past and present. Darkness and light. And while their love is strictly forbidden, it might be the
only thing that can save them…

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Paranormal Romance

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Excerpt: Reborn Yesterday
By Tessa Bailey

Excerpt: Reborn Yesterday

Out now is REBORN  YESTERDAY, the new vampire romance from bestselling author Tessa Bailey. I can’t wait to dive in! Read an excerpt from this forbidden love story below…

“Do you remember earlier tonight when I made you hang up the phone instead of calling an ambulance? I can give you a very strong…suggestion. And you’ll be compelled to follow.”

“Please don’t do that,” she said on an exhale. “You’d be taking away my will.”

His fingers tightened on her arms. “You’re not giving me a choice.”

“Yes,” she stressed. “I am.”

“I can’t walk away and leave you in danger. And I can’t come back.” His gaze fell to her neck and he blinked several times. “You don’t know how or what you tempt. I’ve already stayed around you far too long.”

She shook free of his hold, backing toward the hallway that led to the residential section of the funeral home. “I’d rather face the threat alone than have my memories tampered with. Memories are all a person has some days.”

He tilted his head curiously at her words, but matched her retreat, step for step. “Tell me now, Ginny,” he murmured, smoothly, so smoothly, and her footsteps halted, her thought process trailing off and spinning into a spool of silk. “Tell me who threatens your life.”

Instinct ruled her and instinct dictated she make Jonas happy. It was suddenly what mattered most. Give him what he wants. She wanted to get on her knees and bow to him, on the off chance he might stroke her hair and grant her some praise—and wait, what? What is happening to me?

He’s doing this.

Him and his hypnotic green eyes.

The words were right on the tip of her tongue. Words that would reveal the information she’d told exactly nobody. But if she told Jonas about her recent night of peril, this would be the last time she saw him—and not only was that possibility abhorrent…it also struck her as wrong.

I’m not supposed to let him go.

“Stop,” she wheezed, covering her eyes with a hand. “Please stop.”

When long minutes passed without him saying anything, she peeked out from between to fingers to find him dumbfounded. “How did you do that? How did you fight me off?” He studied her face. “No one’s ever tried, let alone succeeded.”

Ginny had worshipped Lauren Bacall her entire life, but she’d never felt more like her than when she laid a hand on the hallway doorknob, flipped her hair and looked back at Jonas. “Better luck next time, Dreamboat,” she breezed. “See you tomorrow. You know where to find me.”

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