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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst comes a new story in her Stay series.

Jonathan Lake is the beloved NYC mayor who’s making a run for Governor. His widowed status and close relationship with his daughter casts him as the darling of the press, and the candidate to beat, but behind the flash of the cameras, things are spinning out of control. It all has to do with his strait laced, ruthlessly organized assistant. Her skills and reserved demeanor are perfect to run his campaign, but her brilliant brain has become a temptation he’s been fighting for too long. Can he convince her to take a chance on a long-term campaign for love or will his efforts end up in scandal?

Alyssa Block has admired the NYC mayor for a long time, but her secret crush is kept ruthlessly buried under a mountain of work. Besides, she’s not his type, and office scandals is not in her job position. But when they retreat to an upstate horse farm for a secluded weekend, the spark between them catches flame, and Jonathan sets those stinging blue-eyes on winning her. Can she convince him to focus on the upcoming election, or will she succumb to the sweet promise of a different future?

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Exclusive Excerpt: Something Just Like This
By Jennifer Probst

Exclusive Excerpt: Something Just Like This

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst comes a new story in her Stay series—read an excerpt from SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS below.

“I want you to run for governor.”

Jonathan Lake stared down at his clasped hands as the fateful words echoed in his head. Less than an hour ago, he’d had a closed-door meeting with the current governor, who informed him he was not seeking re-election. It’d be a shock to the party, but they’d already focused in on the candidate they believed had a solid shot at winning.


Oh, the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan. Once the story got out, it’d be a shark-feeding frenzy with him smack in the middle of the red waters. Did he really want this? He’d only been mayor for one term and was just beginning to settle into the job. New York City was a dirty bastard, but he loved every grimy, fierce, beautiful inch of it, from the concrete to the skyscrapers. Was he even ready to move on and take on the entire state?

His late wife’s voice whispered in his ear, even after all these years.

This is what you were meant for.

Pushing his fingers through his hair, he got up from his chair and began to pace his office. Thoughts whirled in his head, making him feel as if he’d overindulged in martinis at lunch. So much to think about. He’d call his daughter Chloe and get her feedback. And, of course, Mia, who handled his PR. He’d tell Bob, his campaign manager, in the morning. The former marine would be working his ass off nonstop for the next year—might as well give him one last evening free. But there was one woman on his mind. One who not only ran his schedule but also his entire life. The woman he trusted as fiercely as he did Chloe and Mia.

He strode over to the desk and hit the button. “Can you come in here, please?”

The clipped, cool voice echoed in the air. “Of course.”

He counted down the eight seconds it always took her to move from her desk to his office, and the door opened on cue. She entered with the smooth, assured stride he’d memorized and slid into her chair opposite his desk, her tablet held between tapered fingers with short, naked nails. She wore her usual black pantsuit and low-heeled black pumps. Once he’d joked if she had seven identical pantsuits in her closet for each day of the week.

She’d said they were all black, but not identical because they were different designers and fabric, and she kept an eighth outfit available for emergencies. She didn’t understand jokes very well. Her sense of humor was Spock-like, and it had taken him a while to get used to it.

He stared at the nape of her neck, exposed from the ruthless topknot she kept her ash-blond hair tied in, her gaze trained on the screen in front of her. He knew the gaze well. Big, brown eyes hidden behind smart, tortoiseshell-framed glasses. Razor-focused. Ruthlessly composed. Sharply intelligent. A bit distant.

And endlessly fascinating.

“No notes,” he clipped out, resuming his pacing. “I need to discuss something with you.”

“He wants you to run for governor.”

He jerked, then wondered why he was surprised. Her IQ wasn’t just off the charts on paper, but she could also read people. The combination made her the best damn right-hand person he’d ever employed in his life. It also made her completely irreplaceable—and she knew it.

“Yes. He’s decided not to run for re-election and thinks I can win.”

She never tried to turn her head to gaze at him, allowing him to pace his office like the cage it sometimes was. Her aura seeped a calmness that already soothed the wild chatter in his mind. She was almost witchlike in her ability to give him whatever he needed. Maybe that was why he’d begun thinking of her as much more than his assistant and advisor.

Or maybe he was finally starting to break under his long-imposed years of celibacy.

“You can win,” she said. “Statistically, you’re the best choice. Your approval ratings are top-rated. You’re coming off a victory of reducing the amount of homelessness in the city, and your political views are balanced so the liberals and conservatives will both be satisfied. You’re a dream candidate, Mr. Mayor, and our governor has never been stupid. He endorses you, steps out of the spotlight, and gives you a clear path to victory.”

“Stop calling me that,” he barked, irritation prickling his skin. “We’re alone. I told you this before.”

She inclined her head with grace. “Sorry, Jonathan.”

His name on her tongue calmed the beast. He dropped into his leather chair and drummed his fingers on the table, staring at her. She stared back, unblinking, waiting patiently for whatever he wanted to throw at her.

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