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“…a new urban paranormal, romance adventure taking you to the world of celestial politics, supernatural demons, guardian angels, soul collectors and other dark, maligning creatures referred to as humans.”

Crighton Daemonium arrives in the peaceful town of Lochton, Illinois, searching for wicked souls to add to his count. Benjamin Poe, a devoted husband, father and firefighter, finds himself in a battle of wills against this evil, manipulating demon, while protecting his only son. Ultimately, Poe is tricked into committing murder, and Crighton is rewarded with the soul he was sent to retrieve.

Following Poe’s execution, Crighton continues his dark malevolent duties, until he’s kidnapped by members of The Sovereign Sector. This group of scientists, notorious for experimenting on supernatural creatures, forces Crighton into a soulmate relationship with the very angel he was sent to capture for the King of Hell, Lucifer.

With secrets revealed, darkness rules and loyalties shift. The demonic soul-seeker soon becomes the target of Lucifer’s revenge, and his journey to redemption and freedom—or eternal enslavement—begins.

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Paranormal Romance/Suspense

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Exclusive Excerpt: Soul Seeker
By Kaylin McFarren

Exclusive Excerpt: Soul Seeker

With SOUL SEEKER, author Kaylin McFarren delivers a new urban paranormal romance out this week. This latest imparts a perilous journey of redemption as she takes us into a supernatural world rife with demons, angels and soul collectors. I’m thrilled to share a sneak peek with you below!

Chapter 1


On a brisk morning in mid-November, Benjamin Poe climbed out of his red Ford pickup in front of the Lochton General Store, marveling at how the scene before him could have passed for a Norman Rockwell painting. The historic downtown district, with its small-town atmosphere and cardinal boundaries, glistened in pure white perfection while remaining eerily quiet. The freak storm that roared through town the previous night had brought with it not only more than two feet of fresh snow but also a cold, cutting wind that set the white stuff swirling and dancing like some native fertility rite.

The snow crunched beneath his boots, and his lungs puffed out white clouds as he walked. He quickly entered the store, barely missing the screen door that slammed shut behind him. The smell of fresh coffee engulfed him, making his taste buds ache. It was a just few minutes after eight, and the large overhead lights were already on. In their harsh glow, he could see the massive wood bar topped with knickknacks of every kind. Metal chickens, puzzle boxes, holi- day décor, and vintage trinkets—virtually every gift known to man- kind. When it was built in the late 1800s, this store supplied local residents with staples like feed and seed, hardware, flour, eggs, and butter. Now, patrons stopped by for little luxuries like homemade apple pie, ice cream, souvenirs, and nostalgic candy. Some of them would sit for hours on the front porch’s rocking chairs, watching out-of-towners make their way from store to store, proving that Lochton was reliant on tourism rather than industry.

“Anyone home?” Poe called out.

“Upstairs,” the store owner replied. “Help yourself to coffee. Be right down.”

Noah Snyder was the son of a prominent family doctor and had been a long-term resident in the small community.

Poe’s attendance at chamber of commerce and city council meetings made it possible for him to stay current on all the local gossip, bringing a flash of excitement to an otherwise dull town.

Poe stepped behind the counter and took a mug from the cup- board. He filled it to the brim and took a seat at the closest table, stretching out his long legs.

“Didn’t see your Buick out front, Noah. Still having trouble with that beast?”

While waiting for his friend to join him, he picked up a blue die-cast Chevy from a nearby shelf, checked the sticker price, and quickly returned it.

Holy shit! Twenty bucks for a tiny car?

Noah plodded down the stairs, speaking with weary cynicism. “She’s back in the shop with electrical problems this time. When you drive a classic, it’s always one thing or another.” He shook his head and continued, “Anyway, Jamie dropped me off on her way to the post office.”

He set a brightly wrapped present in front of him. “She said to make sure to give that to Lexi.”

Poe smacked his forehead in frustration and said more to him- self than Noah, “That’s why she was so upset this morning!”

He and Lexi hadn’t exactly been getting along as of late. A series of heated arguments over their son’s lack of ambition had resulted in two weeks of complete silence. He thought it had resolved itself when she offered to cook breakfast this morning. But then, as he was preparing to leave home, she glared over her shoulder and growled, “Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life.”

He had to admit that today her anger was justified. He looked up at Noah and grimaced.

“I forgot her birthday. I need to pick up something special . . . to make up for my stupidity.” He twisted his gold wedding band.

“Make that real special, if you hope to wake up tomorrow.” Noah returned to his place behind the register, stifling a laugh. “If I remember correctly, you were sleeping on the couch for a week after forgetting your anniversary.”

“Yeah, that’s right. She didn’t marry me for my memory, that’s for sure. I’d forget my own name, if she wasn’t yelling it every five minutes.”

Noah shook his head with disbelief.

“Well, I’ve got a few silver necklaces in the display case along the wall, if you want to take a look. When Jamie gets back, she can fix you up with a box of chocolates and a sappy card too.” He chuck- led. “I have a feeling you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

Poe rolled his eyes.

“If that doesn’t work, you wouldn’t happen to have an extra bed in that big house of yours?”

“You just talk to Jamie. She’s all about special occasions.” Noah continued to straighten the chairs around the wooden tables. “She’ll know what you should do. And you know how she feels about Lexi.”

“Okay, already. I get it.”

Poe stood up and walked over to the display case. After a half- hearted glance at the display case, he spotted a moon and stars necklace.

“I’ll take that one,” he pointed out, recalling how much Lexi loved stargazing when they first met. “Can you have her wrap it up real pretty? And throw in some candy?”


Noah moved behind the counter and picked up Poe’s selection just as Jamie entered the store.

“Hey, hon, Ben has done it again. Any chance you can wrap this up? He’s going to need some of your famous caramels and a card too.”

Jamie clicked her tongue in mock-disappointment as she joined her husband, laying her coat over the back of a chair. She was in her forties and had long auburn hair that rested on her shoulders, a flawless complexion, and bright blue eyes.

“Great choice, Ben,” she said, taking the necklace from Noah. “She’s going to love it, whether you got it a month ago or after you were reminded it was her special day!”

Jamie called over her shoulder as she headed out of the room laughing, “Let me get a gift bag and wrap everything up for you.”

“Looks like she’s got you all set up,” Noah said. “Let me know if you want to grab a drink tomorrow night, okay?”

He stepped into the kitchen, out of sight, just as a tatted-up teenager entered through the front door. He was wearing a baggy gray sweatshirt and dark glasses. Poe watched him mill about, pick- ing up random items and setting them back down, seeming to have no agenda or purpose for being there. When he spotted Poe, the kid flashed a polite smile and continued upstairs to the souvenir section, away from prying eyes.

Definitely up to no good.

Poe pulled a credit card from his wallet and waited for Jamie to return. When she appeared, he motioned his head toward the silent visitor on the upper floor and whispered, “You might want to keep an eye on that one.”

“Thanks for the head’s up,” she said. “Seems like we have more merchandise disappearing in this store than sales lately.”

She called out to her husband, “Noah . . . can you grab me something from upstairs?”

It must have been a practiced signal because Noah didn’t bother to ask what she needed before climbing the steps, two at a time. Seconds later, the kid yelled, “Fuck you! I’m not gonna empty my pockets. I have the right to be here, just like anyone else.”

A brief scuffle ensued, with something heavy hitting the floor. Poe moved to the bottom of the stairs and was about to rush up to investigate when he heard Noah’s bellowing voice.

“Damnit, Logan. If I see you in here again, I’ll break you into small pieces! You got me?”

His threat must have worked, as the kid ran down the stairs, slamming into Poe’s shoulder before bolting out the front door.

Noah appeared on the top landing.

“I’m so done with this place! If I didn’t have to worry about going to jail, I’d strike a match and live off the insurance.”

“Hey! Don’t forget who you’re talking to. A fire is the last thing you want to think about. Try installing cameras where shoplifters can see them. Or hire a retired security guard. Just don’t let a few idiots wreck this place. You’ve worked far too hard to make it the great place it is.”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Noah raked his fingers through his thick gray hair. “It’s just frustrating as hell sometimes . . . trying to keep this place open.”

His face was stern, no longer softened by his usual lopsided smile. Past conversations between them had revealed his longing for a simpler lifestyle, but with the economy’s downward spiral, finding a buyer for his business could prove difficult, at least for the time being.

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