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A billionaire with family secrets looking for a fresh start.
A reformed jewel thief.
And a choice that changes everything.

Leo has two priorities: putting down new roots and making up for his mistakes.

He doesn’t have time for a blind date with his new neighbor.

Until he finds out she’s the woman he let slip away…but never forgot.

Cassie has finally paid her debts and is living the life she’s always wanted.
Her new neighbor sounds like he could be Mr. Right.
Only, he turns out to be the man who promised her the world then disappeared without a trace.

In another time and another place, he was a playboy who made her believe in miracles.
Now, he’s a danger to everything she’s worked hard for.

He wants to pick up where they left off.
She wants to keep her distance.

But when they’re together, their chemistry is undeniable.
The heat between them burns hot and fast.
Until a secret whips up a fire that threatens to engulf them all.

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Excerpt: The Wild Card
By Dylan Allen

Excerpt: The Wild Card

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Dylan Allen continues the Rivers Wilde series with a neighbors-to-lovers second-chance romance. THE WILD CARD is out this week and you can read an exclusive excerpt below!

A tiny smile lifts the left side of his face and my mouth goes dry.

 Its not right that he looks like that.

“I can make sure you leave here with double the money you would have.”

My heart stutters but I narrow my eyes. “Again, how?”

“I’ll give it to you.”

That is the very last thing I expected him to say. I blink in surprise. “Why?”

“Because you’re going to help me, too.”

I cross my arms and purse my lips as I give him a frosty once-over. “If this is some sort of sexual proposition, don’t waste your breath. The answer is no.”

I’m desperate and he’s cute. But… I’d rather face the consequences of failure than do that.

He rolls his shoulders and lets out a deep breath. “Rest assured Ms…Why, that is the last thing on my mind. No offense. But you’re not really my type.”

The floor falls out from underneath whatever was left of my vanity and I wish to God it would take me with it. “Okay. Sorry. It’s just…it wouldn’t have been the first time.” I press my hands together and bow in apology. “Please go on.”

His expression remains neutral as he nods and points to the sitting room. “Let’s sit.” He strides out without waiting and I can tell he’s not used to anything but obedience. I want to make him say please just for the sake of manners.

But a few minutes ago, I was on cracking ice and royally fucked. And now…I might get out of here in one piece.

I follow him into the room and settle into a chair across from him. I cross my legs and shift my weight while he types away on his phone like he didn’t just say he wanted to talk.

I want to tell him to hurry up and say whatever it is he wants, but I just sit on my hands and smile as blandly as I can.

Finally, he looks up at me, his expression even more guarded than it had been a moment prior. “I’m hosting a party here next weekend. My date had to cancel last minute and I want you to take her place.”

I scoff and glare at him. “Didn’t I just say I wouldn’t do anything like that?”

He gives me a tight smile. “And didn’t I just say you’re not my type?”

“I heard you. Maybe type means something else to you than it does to me.”

“I didn’t ask you to sleep with me. I asked you to be my date to a black-tie diplomatic dinner at my home. I need you to sit next to me, be nice to my guests, and give me a reason to leave early.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “And then?”

“You go home. I’ll pay you the fifteen thousand dollars you were expecting, and double it.”

It’s not even half of my fee but it’s a hell of a lot more than zero. “Wow. Okay. But I’ll need a place to stay. The resort is the only place to stay on this island. The rooms there start at a grand a night.”

He nods. “And it’s unlikely, given the dignitaries staying there, that they’d even rent you a room.”

“Well, I’m not staying in the staff quarters.”

He shrugs. “You can stay here.”

The offer makes my head spin. I came here to steal from him. And I may be doing him a favor, but he’s saving my ass. In ways I don’t deserve.

The twinge of guilt fades as I turn to face my unwitting savior.

He’s nice, but it’s easy to be generous when you’re rich enough to have a house like this.

It wasn’t until I started doing this work that I saw the opulent comfort and soothing cleanliness that the rich take for granted.

Most of us live with cobwebbed corners and dusty picture frames because who has time to clean when you’re working, cooking, going to school, and trying to keep your family together?

The first time I walked into a house that was cleaned from top to bottom on a regular basis, I’d fallen in love at first sight with the sterile, safe, intentional cleanliness of it.

I wanted to live that way.

All my jobs have involved me joining the staff of one of these homes. Like here, the employees usually sleep in separate, less luxurious quarters. But even those were nicer than the nicest house I’ve ever lived in.


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